Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition characters list (3DS)

31 January 2011
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Super Street Fighter IV 3DS characters list artwork
35 characters make the cast of Super Street Fighter IV 3D, the 3DS debut of the fighting game series and the ultimate version of the game in stereoscopic 3D.

Here is the full list of playable characters:

1. Abel
2. Adon
3. Akuma
4. Balrog
5. Blanka
6. Cammy
7. Chun-Li
8. Cody
9. Crimson Viper
10. Dan
11. Dee Jay
12. Dhalsim
13. Dudley
14. E. Honda
15. El Fuerte
16. Fei Long
17. Gen
18. Gouken
19. Guile
20. Guy
21. Hakan
22. Ibuki
23. Juri
24. Ken
25. Makoto
26. M. Bison
27. Rose
28. Rufus
29. Ryu
30. Sagat
31. Sakura
32. Seth
33. T. Hawk
34. Vega
35. Zangief

This trailer reveals all of the playable characters in the game as well as the features you can expect to see in the 3DS version.


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