Let’s Talk: Silent Hill Downpour

Silent Hill Downpour screenshot
In this “Let’s Talk” show episode I go over my first impressions of the Silent Hill: Downpour trailer.

Just saw the Silent Hill: Downpour trailer and it got me to thinking about the franchise and what I’m excited about for the new release!

What’re you excited for? Do you think they should be making another Silent Hill at all? What would you like to see? Feel free to comment below with your own thoughts and ideas 🙂

Here’s the Silent Hill: Downpour developer interview link mentioned in the video.

Side Note: All the music featured comes from the Silent Hill 1 & 2 OST! Here are the track listing in the order they appear.

1. Silent Hill – SH1 OST
2. Ordinary Vanity – SH 2 OST
3. Laura Plays the Piano – SH 2 OST
4. Promise (Reprise) – SH 2 OST
5. Theme of Laura – SH2 OST