PSOne Classics coming to Android phones under PlayStation Suite

Cool Boarders 2 Android PlayStation Suite screenshot
At the PlayStation Meeting 2011 event, Sony officially announced the Next Generation Portable as the PSP2. They also revealed another interesting nugget, classic PS1 retro games will be coming to Android phones!

Sony announced that the “PlayStation Suite”, as retro PlayStation games are known on the NGP, will be available for Android phones through the PlayStation Store App which will be available on the devices this year.

To quote Sony’s Kaz Hirai: “We will first emulate the first generation PSP titles to be available on PS Suite devices.”

The PSOne games shown for Android include:

1. Cool Boarders 2
2. MediEvil
3. Rally Cross
4. Syphon Filter
5. Wild Arms

Additionally, “new” games developed for the PlayStation Suite will also become available via the Android App and playable on your phone, although exactly what kind of games these will be remains to be seen. It also isn’t clear if PlayStation Network titles or PlayStation Minis will be among the titles released for Android via PlayStation Suite.

Either way, this is an interesting development, particularly considering that the PlayStation Phone is still coming (apparently). Hopefully Sony gets PSN games for Android as well as the retro stuff. The Android PlayStation Store App will be released at the end of the year.

Here is a look at what you can expect to be playing on your phone (gameplay video of Wild Arms).