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20 January 2011
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The Suits in Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 Hacker Suit Screenshot

Each suit grants unique functionality to the wearer.

The Hacker Suit

This suit is only available to you if you have played through Dead Space Ignition. This is a pretty cool suit. It will get you will be able to get you through the hacks a lot faster.

The Engineering Suit

This is one of the more basic suits that Isaac will be wearing. In this start of the game, he will be wearing it. This suit will be able to keep you alive and give you some protection from the enemies.

Vintage Suit

This suit is pretty bulky, it contains a large tank on your back. It does not make any difference on how slow it will make Isaac.

Security Suit

This suit is a pretty sharp looking suit. It has a badge located on the arm on the suit.
Stats: Purchase guarantees a minimum of 15 inventory slots and 10% armor. Your RIG retains the highest upgrade of Armor and Inventory.
Weapons Bonus: Pulse Rifle receives a 5% bonus to damage.

Advanced Suit

Now is this what I call a suit! This is a great way to start of the first half of your game, this suit has some of the best statistics. It also has a very fitted and unique look it to.
Stats: Purchase guarantees a minimum of 25 inventory slots and 20% armor. Your RIG retains the highest upgrade of Armor and Inventory.
Weapons Bonus: All weapons receive a 15% bonus to weapons.

Dead Space 2 Weapons Hints & Tips

  • You will be able to use Stasis on your enemies, this allows you to slow your enemies down before you blow them to pieces.
  • You will be able to use Telekinesis to solve puzzles, you will also be able to uses Stasis in when you are solving your puzzles, this will be a great help when you need that little more time.
  • You will also be able to use Telekinesis to pick up objects and use them to impale your enemies.
  • You will also be able to get your hands on a new weapon, this new weapon is called the Javelin Gun. It will allow you to pin your enemies to the floor and to the wall.
  • When you are using your Line gun, you will need to Stasis your enemy and use a Timed line and watch your enemy blow.
  • Another new weapon is called the Pulse Riffle, this riffle has an attachment that launches a nuke grenade.
  • Dead Space 2 Frequently Asked Questions

    Dead Space 2 Isaac guide image
    Necromorphs VS. Humans

    In this hints and tips section, you will need to choose between four Necromorphs to stalk and trap the humans. Each one will have their own individual attack. When you are playing as a human, you will all team up as the Sprawl’s Security force to fight off the Necromorphs. You will be equipped with the Sprawl’s Security Suit for protection, as well as Stasis, Kinesis and seven weapons to take into the battle.

    The Necromorphs in the Multiplayer

    The Necromorphs will use the vents to spawn into the Dead Space 2 Universe, this will keep the plays who are playing the humans constantly on their toes.
    The Necromorphs also have a vision called Necro vision, this allows them to see humans anywhere on the map.

  • 1. The Pack is the baby Necromorph, they are able to inflict damage on the humans.
  • 2. The Lurker has a long-range fire, this is pretty lethal when it is combined with his ability to walk on walls.
  • 3. The Puker has a few deadly weapons under his belt, these are his toxic puke, his powerful melee attacks, and his snare attack that has the ability to slow down the humans.
  • 4. The Spitter, this is the lady of the pack, she is able to do some serious damage with her long-range toxic spit, she is also able to come in for an evil bite.
  • Objective-Based Multiplayer Maps

    In this fight, you will be able to join the fight in five objective based campaign maps. Each map will be featuring a new unique look, as well as new story based objectives and locations.
    For example: Titan Mines is a map were humans are actually trapped. They must acquire three components to build a shock mine, this will help the humans escape and stop the outbreak.

    Since we’re focusing mostly on the single-player campaign in this Dead Space 2 walkthrough, I’ll leave it at this for now.

    Thanks to Megan for the tips & tricks.

    What do you see in this ink blot drawn by Isaac?

    Dead Space 2 ink blot shows Necromorphs and the Marker

    Any questions? Ask us in the comments section below and we’ll answer.


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