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20 January 2011
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Dead Space 2 walkthrough – Chapter 14: Meet Me At The Marker

Once you have finished the eye part, there will be a Necromorph that climbs into the room, you will need to shoot it with anything (shoot off it’s legs and arms)

However this Necromorph will not die!. The best way to deal with it, is to use stasis so its slows down. Then RUN!

There is a stasis station in this room too, go and recharge your stasis.

You will only be able to leave this room if you hack the console. If you don’t get it right the first time you will need to start all over again.

There will be an Ubermorph, but you know how to handle them now.

Once you have unlocked the door, deal with the Ubermorph and head down the corridor.

You will need to have a look around for ammo and other goodies, since you do not get anything from the Ubermorph since you can’t kill it.

As you make it into the next room, grab the explosive canisters with kinesis.

Use it to kill the enemies ahead.

There is a power node in a circuit box.

As you head near the door, there will be an Ubermorph that drop down. There will also be a Puker that follows.

Once you have finished dealing with the enemies, grab a body and take it to the scanner on the door.

Make your way to the save station once you have made it through the DNA scanning door.

Once you are in the next room, there is a metal rod, pick it up with kinesis.

Once you have dealt with the swarm of enemies, you will need to head for the elevator. Once you are inside the elevator you will need to reload all of your weapons.

Head to the console, you will need to deactivate the gravity in this area. Move forward and use the locator to help you find your path.

You will eventually come to three fusion beams. You will need to memorise the timing and thrust through.

There will be a nest that will launch itself at you. Make your way through the fusion beams first, then you will need to dodge all the projectiles. Stasis its body, then shoot the yellow points, quickly make your way to the platform.

Reload all your weapons, make your way through the door into the next room.

When you enter the next area, you will be able to grab a power node from the circuit box.

There is also a store located in this room. Make sure you up grade and by anything you may need for the final chapter.

Dead Space 2 walkthrough – Chapter 15: The Final Chapter

You have almost reached the marker, as you move forward, a leaper will jump out at you.

When you reach the corridor, you will need to be ready as there is a Ubermorph ready to jump out at you

Cut it’s legs off with stasis, run to the next corridor. There will be a Lurker above you, you will be able to ignore it for now.

You will need to use the contact bean to blow the enemies apart. The Ubermorph will have caught up with you, you will need to take it’s legs off once again with stasis.

As soon as you go down the corridor there will be more enemies ready to attack you.

You will need to be quick to take them down.

Make your way through the door.

As you go through the door, be ready for a super slasher, as well as a couple of Puker’s.

There will be a few metal objects in the way, use kinesis to move them. Make your way up the ramp and through the door.

Watch out for the Leaper! You will need to run through the corridor, once you have reached the end you will need to kill the super Slasher that will jump out at you.

Once you have made it into the room, pick up all the ammo and reload your weapons.

Take the lift to the next area, as you leave the lift you will need to head to the right. There will be another Ubermorph, you will need to repeat the same process.

Then you will need to pull off another panel using kinesis, this will expose a fuse. You will need to break the fuse so you can unlock the door.

Once you have made it through the corridor, you will need to rip off another panel.

Make your way across the bridge to the marker.

You will be shot with a Javelin gun, you will need to pull it out of your shoulder, as well as the second one he fires at you. You will need to kill the Tiedemann.

Once he is dead, make your way over to Nicole.

You will need to destroy the marker to survive.

You will need to start shooting at Nichole, keeping firing at her until she disappears.

You will need to shoot the heart of the marker, shoot it with the contact beam.

Nichole will return, she as brought a creature similar to the pack. You will need to put down some mines to get rid of most of the creatures, they will keep coming. You will need to focus on shooting Nicole to make her disappear again.

As the Pack return s you will need to stun them with the contact beam then keep your focus on Nicole.

You will need to fight the fourth wave of Pack and destroy Nicole for the final time, you will need to shoot the heart and it will explode. This will send you back to reality.

You will need to use the thrusters to fly, you will also need to avoid all the debris floating around. Ellie will grab your hand once you are close to her and she will pull you inside.

Thanks for watching, If you have any questions regarding Dead Space 2 please leave a comment and we’ll answer them as quickly as possible,Rob


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