Dead or Alive Dimensions features Metroid level (Samus playable?)

19 January 2011
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Dead or Alive Dimensions 3DS box artwork
Dead or Alive Dimensions characters include all the classics you’d want, but how about Samus Aran? The Metroid main character has yet to be revealed, but it is very interesting to see a new Metroid level included in the game.

An all-new trailer released today shows off the new stage, which features Ridley shooting fireballs at you in the background, and grabbing onto you and dragging your butt around the arena. Samus does also make a cameo appearance at the end of the trailer…. which concludes with her laying a Power Bomb that flashes the screen white.

Could that be a hint that she is playable? After Team Ninja took over the reigns of Metroid: Other M, and Dead or Alive 4 on Xbox 360 featured a female Spartan as a playable character, it is definitely possible (especially considering Samus and the female Spartan’s “special relationship ala Haloid“. Ahem. I kid I kid). In fact I’d bet that she is playable in the game, although maybe as an unlockable.

And in other Dead or Alive: Dimensions news, Team Ninja has revealed that you can actually turn the 3D effect or “3D Mode” (which sounds like it’s an actual in-game mode and not just using the 3D effect slider) to increase the game’s framerate from 30fps to 60fps; effectively DOUBLING THE FRAMERATE. This is an interesting tidbit of news, looks like using all those fancy 3D effects can definitely give a hit to the performance of the game due to the game having to render things twice (once for each eye) when in stereoscopic 3D.

Here is the new trailer.

And here is a new gameplay trailer.

Key features of Dead or Alive: Dimensions include:

  • Fast-paced, stylish fighting in 3D.
  • Uses the 3DS for wireless battles with friends, as well as utilising its StreetPass/Tag Mode for data exchange.
  • Features in-game move list on the Touch Screen with possible Touch Screen input for easy combinations.
  • Sure to give fans the definitive DOAD experience and show true beauty of fighting games to those who have forgotten how truly ex
    exhilarating the genre is.
  • Supports multi-player mode with Multi-Card only.
  • Supports online via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
  • Supports Street Pass – This is for virtual fighting by data exchange with the prize “Figurine of the characters” as rewards.
  • Via Joystiq


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