Telltale’s Jurassic Park 2011 adventure games detailed

Jurassic Park Telltale adventure game raptors screenshot
Jurassic Park is about to get its own videogame re-envisioning ala Back to the Future: The Game when Telltale sinks its teeth into the classic dinosaur park films later this year.

And finally we have learned the first details about the upcoming adventure series.

Telltale promises that their upcoming Jurassic Park games will go where no previous Jurassic Park game has gone: into the realm of human emotion, human character (whether for good or for ill) and deep character development; An aspect that made the original film (and those that followed it) what they were.

License-holder Universal, in other words, didn’t want just another “shooter” or a shallow platformer, so they turned to Telltale Games, whose character-driven adventures have exceeded in showing the human element where other developers have failed.

The last videogame to feature the Jurassic Park license by the way 2003’s Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis … A construction and management simulation title… Need I say more? While the game wasn’t bad per se (and a mod community continues to this day for the PC version), it wasn’t exactly exciting or cinematic like one would expect a game based on Jurassic Park to be.

Telltale further states that the game will mirror the films in tone and pacing, as well as in the game’s presentation. Taking cues from how Steven Spielberg directed the movie.

Jurassic Park 2011 game T-Rex screenshot

Arguably most interesting though, is the fact that the game is a direct-sequel to the original film that will officially ADD TO THE LORE of Jurassic Park. It will do this by following film threads and plot points that were forgotten and not followed-up on by Jurassic Park 2 (or The Lost World: Jurassic Park to be precise) and/or Jurassic Park 3.

One particular thread will tell us what happened to the Barbasol can full of dinosaur embryos that Dennis Nedry lost when he was attacked in the jungle, for example. Very interesting.

It’s also interesting to note that the plot of the game will be seen through the eyes of NEW characters. And while some of it will take place during the timeline of the first film, other parts of the game will not.

Jurassic Park 2011 game dinosaur fight screenshot (PC)

Some will be saddened by this news, and the news that you won’t (apparently) be playing as the main characters from the film, but as bit characters (or new ones). For example you’ll recognize Gerry Harding, the chief veterinarian at Jurassic Park, who’ll you’ll apparently control. You’ll also meet his daughter and various others who are interested in the dinosaur embryos.

So will the game play like Back to the Future: The Game? Interestingly enough, Telltale actually sights Heavy Rain as their biggest influence for this project. The game will also feature an all-new dinosaur threat not seen in the films.

Jurassic Park will be a five-part downloadable series available on PC, Mac AND consoles later this year.

We’ll end on this quote from executive director Kevin Boyle to Game Informer:

“As far as pacing goes, there are some things that are useful from the heritage of Telltale, but creating a new experience that pays off on both the slower-paced character building moments and high tension you expect from Jurassic Park is a new direction for Telltale,” he admits.

“Story and character are a really important part of it. You are going to feel drama. You are going to feel tension. You’ll feel different kinds of emotions. There’s humor. Light moments. Downtime to get to like the characters. Certainly the wonder and awe of the island, and then everything breaks down to those moments of terror.”

In other news, there is supposed to be a new Jurassic Park film at some point, but it has languished in development hell for years. And there’s no telling when it’ll re-emerge and start actual production. However perhaps this new game could spur renewed interest.

Definitely looking forward to it! What do you think of the upcoming Jurassic Park games from Telltale so far?

Thanks to Game Informer for all this information.