Ninety-Nine Nights Online MMO announced

N3: Ninety-Nine Nights Online logo (PC MMO)
Ninety-Nine Nights Online (or N3: Online) has been announced, taking the previously Xbox 360-exclusive series into the online space in a new action MMO for the PC (no word if it’ll also hit Xbox 360).

The game is being developed by Q Entertainment in collaboration with Taiwan’s UserJoy Technology (having worked on AngelLoveOnline and Angel Senki, PS3 and PC MMOs, with them. Games known as Angels Online in English).

Also working on the project is King of Fighters artist Falcoon (Tatsuhiko Kanaoka), who will be handling enemy/monster and character designs and other illustrations for the title.

The MMO will try to offer players in the online space the same kind of strategy and action fusion that the series is known for, with a fast and “fresh” feel. There will be multiple job types for your player character, party play, PVP play and teamwork elements as well.

The game will be free-to-play and will use an item-based transaction system. Release schedule and territories were not announced, but it’s probably more likely to hit Asian areas first.

Here’s an unrelated trailer for the second game in the series on Xbox 360.

Via Andriasang