Final Fantasy XIII-2 officially announced with first trailer

FFXIII-2 Lightning screenshot official (Xbox 360, PS3)
Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been officially announced by Square Enix at a Japan event known as “1st Production Department Premiere”. Just as rumored, this will be a sequel or side-story to the original Final Fantasy XIII, marking it as the second official sequel to a core Final Fantasy game. FFXIII-2 is pronounced “Final Fantasy thirteen two”.

The game will be released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in Japan some time this year, and possibly in Western countries by this Winter.

All that is known about the game is that Lightning will be returning along with some new faces (including a knight-in armor that she, also decked out in armor, faces off against) and the trailer seems to have a darker edge. The knight character is also apparently comparable to Lightning, according to the developers.

Director Motomu Toriyama will be returning along with producer Yoshinori Kitase. They also revealed that Final Fantasy XIII has sold over 6 million copies worldwide since it’s release in December of 09. The development team hopes to address concerns that fans and critics had about the first title.

Update: Here is the official English trailer in HD! Be warned, spoiler alert for those who haven’t beaten FFXIII yet.