Final Fantasy Versus XIII 2011 trailer from Japan event

Final Fantasy Versus XIII gameplay screenshot 2011 Premier event
An all-new Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer was shown at the Square Enix 1st Production Department Premier event in Japan, and it’s a lengthy one, clocking in at seven minutes of Versus goodness!

Although most of the stuff shown won’t be super exciting unless you’re already hyped for the game, there is some nuggets to be gleaned as well as simply having an extensive look at the new game.

In the new trailer you can hear main character Prince Noctis speak (in Japanese of course) for the first time, fans will also notice that some scenes that had been shown in previous trailers have received a graphical facelift in this new trailer. Spiffy.

Also in the trailer you’ll get your first glimpse at Noctis father, the current King.

Thankfully, the trailer is not all cutscenes as gameplay is shown as well. And it looks fantastic. It seems that you will be controlling a party of three, as you make your way through a portion of the game in which the city is coming under attack. The party then engages some foes in high speed battles. You’ll also get your first glimpse at real battles scenes, complete with menus and a full party; and LOTS of intense real-time action (this game is definitely more of an action RPG, although menus are shown, it doesn’t seem that any are “selected”).

The Command Menus shown include: Magic, Item, Summon and “EX-ARTS”, you’ll also see other stats displayed including HP and MP. This game also seems to feature animated character icons on the menu, which is a cool touch.

The trailer also reveals other characters, although Square Enix has not officially announced them at this point. Although one is named “Ignis” according to the trailer. The game also shows lots of action, including riding vehicles ranging from a tank to a bipedal mech. And using weapons ranging from swords to guns.

Without further ado, here is the long-awaited new look at Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which still does not have officially announced platforms.