Ricochet HD Trophies guide (PSN)

Ricochet HD screenshot (PSN on PS3)
Our Ricochet HD Trophies guide lists every Trophy for this PlayStation Network brick breaker and tells you how to get them.


Earn Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Trophies to increase your Gamer Level.

1. Brick Shooter (Bronze) – Shoot 100 bricks with a laser, blaster or missile.
2. Frantic Juggler (Bronze) – Keep at least 3 balls on the screen at the same time for more than 8 seconds.
3. Power Rush (Bronze) – Earned when the player has caught 25 power-ups in the game.
4. Hoard of the Rings (Bronze) – Collect all 5 of the golden rings on all 10 levels of the same planet in a single game.
5. Power-Up Zen Master (Silver) – No power-ups collected for 10 levels in a row. This can carry over between planets.
6. Longevity (Silver) – 8 levels in a row player on the same planet without dying once. Cannot be earned on Easy or Kids difficulty settings.
7. Amazing Breath of Life (Silver) – 30 levels in a row played without dying once. This carries over from one Planet to the next. Cannot be earned on Easy or Kids difficulty settings.
8. Straight Jacket (Silver) – Beat 10 different levels on the Insane difficulty setting in a single game on the same planet.
9. World Cup (Silver) – Awarded for finishing all Ricochet HD planets.
10. Helping Hand (Silver) – Beat 20 levels with two players at the same time in any multi-player mode.
11. Hidden Trophy –
12. Hidden Trophy –