Bulletstorm special Epic Edition announced. Includes Gears of War 3 beta key

Bulletstorm rolling tire screenshot
Bulletstorm – Epic Edition has been announced as the special edition version of the game by developer People Can Fly and publisher Epic Games. This edition will be limited to the Xbox 360 only as it is an Xbox 360-exclusive. Sorry PS3 and PC owners.

The Epic Edition will include the following gameplay extras:

  • Peace Maker Carbine, boots and armor.
  • 25,000 experience points to use right off the bat.
  • Visual upgrades for the iconic leash.
  • However the BEST FEATURE by far is the fact that Xbox 360 players who buy the Epic Edition (which seems to be the only version available on Amazon) will get exclusive early access to the Gears of War 3 multiplayer beta! You won’t be able to get access to the beta anywhere else, so you’ll definitely wanna pick this game up to get into the action. Unlike Crackdown 1 though which shipped with a beta key for the Halo 3 multiplayer beta back in the day, Bulletstorm is looking to be as incredible a game as the game for which it’s offering the beta key for!

    Still no word on whether or not PS3 gamers will be getting anything. Note that the Bulletstorm release date is February 22, 2011.

    Here is a new developer diary looking at the characters and story in the game, presented by producer Tanya Jessen!