Lego Star Wars III developer diary 1

Lego Star Wars 3 rts screenshot
Here is the first Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars developer diary.

The video goes in-depth into what new features players will get to experience in this third all-new Lego Star Wars game and the many new cool elements that take this game up a notch from the previous titles (which were last-gen titles).

Lego Star Wars 3 runs on an all-new engine so the graphics, animation, lighting and effects are leagues ahead of the previous games. New force powers from telekinesis that allows you to move objects to the ability to cut holes into walls will be available.

The battles that you get to take place in are now massive in scope with tons and tons of enemies on the screen at once, and you’ll even get some basic real-time strategy elements during certain battles where you get to command a battalion of clone troopers while on the battlefield. And you can now control your ship in expansive space sections that are even bigger than ever before.

Here is the first developer diary for Lego Star Wars Episode 3: The Clone Wars. The game releases in February of 2011.