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15 December 2010
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Child of Eden Journey Project memories screenshot (Xbox 360 Kinect)
YOU can appear in the final level of Child of Eden, the Xbox 360 Kinect game developed by Q Entertainment and Tetsuya Mizuguchi. It is a spiritual successor to Sega cult-classic Rez.

A unique Kinect shooter where your hand is the weapon, the final stage will be one of a trip through earthly memories, and the developers want YOUR favorite memories to be part of the level. All you need to do is send in your pictures of your favorite earthly memories and they may be selected to appear during the background as you play through the stage.

The idea as described on the official site:

“In the Darkness, a strand of light appears

Shortly after, many more strands appear, forming together like the veins of a leaf. As you shoot out burst of light, images of people and Earthly memories appear, gradually forming into a gigantic tree.

This is the end of the Child of Eden journey. Will you be part of it?

Please send us your favorite memories of Earth to help us complete the final level of the Child of Eden game. We want to see smiling faces, beautiful nature, landscapes, and any other positive images of Earth.

You can submit as many photos as you like. We will select the best ones to be integrated directly into the game!”

Child of Eden promises to explore your senses.


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