SSX: Deadly Descents announced at Video Game Awards 2010

SSX Deadly Descents screenshot VGA 2010 trailer
SSX returns! SSX: Deadly Descents has been announced at the SpikeTV Video Game Awards 2010 for a 2011 release on unspecified platforms.

The game is a return for a long-forgotten series of snowboarding games that got it start on the PS2 and would appear on every last-gen platform.

After laying dormant for years, the series returns with what looks to be an expansive new single-player adventure and an all-new direction for the franchise. The game is the first videogame ever to use real-world landscapes as the basis for the game’s mountainscapes that you will be able to shred in the game on your snowboard.

The game will also boast a more serious tone than anything seen previously in the series with action-movie style cinematic visuals.

Here is the debut trailer for the SpikeTV VGA’s 2010.