Frobot release date on WiiWare is December 20, 2010

Frobot WiiWare screenshot
Frobot has finally gotten a set-in-stone WiiWare release date of December 20, 2010 for those who have been anticipating this interesting indie title from developer Fugazo.

Why the name Frobot? The name is a portmanteau of the words “‘fro” and “robot” . . . because he is a robot with an afro! The game is essentially a puzzle game but with action/shooting elements. You can control the Frobot who has rolls on wheels, has a slide manuever and shoots out various beams, and can interact with physics based objects to solve some pretty devious puzzles.

As you play through the single-player adventure to rescue your sexy mamma girlfriends, you’ll gain new abilities from missile blasts to a disco ball of death. You’ll also be tasked with solving puzzles using various environmental objects like teleporters, boxes, moving platforms and catapults. There are epic bosses to take out as well across the game’s five stages.

The game additionally contains competitive multiplayer and is scheduled to also release on PC and iPhone with Europe getting the game in 2011.

“Fear the Fro! Frobot’s five super-fine girlfriends have been captured! Take down your enemies with energy blasts, missiles and mines. Solve physics puzzles with boxes, teleporters, catapults, conveyor belts, and more! As you rescue your lady bots, gain new abilities like the Robo Hustle dash and the Jive Stalker disco ball. Then use your powers to fight the BotBlocker Corporation and save robot kind!”

Key features include:

  • 20 Single Playa levels.
  • Collectible Power Picks unlock new abilities!
  • 10 Multi Playa Maps.
  • 4 players.
  • – Only one Fro will be left standing in Multi Playa mode! Up to four Fros can do battle with energy blasts, mines, missiles, grenades, and disco balls. Duke it out in 10 maps with a variety of objects such as teleporters, moving platforms, force fields and more.

    Here is the release date announcement trailer/music video.

    Here’s an alternate older music video, which I think captures the gameplay better.

    Here is a gameplay trailer from back at GDC.

    Lastly, here is a gameplay preview.