Batman: Arkham City Fall 2011 launch teased

Batman: Arkham City screenshot glimpse of the Bat
Batman: Arkham City is targeting Fall 2011 for a release date. Now let’s hope that Batman can nail this one without too much delay.

Alongside that announcement is this teaser video, which is an extremely exciting fight with Batman doing what he does best . . . Beating up some dudes. Dudes wearing Splinter Cell-like glowing green goggles.

While there is absolutely nothing new or exciting revealed in this 34 second teaser, it nonetheless serves to get people pumped up for the REAL teaser, which will happen this Saturday during the SpikeTV VGA’s (Video Game Awards) where we are expecting to get a proper trailer to the game and hopefully a first glimpse at some actual gameplay footage of this Xbox 360, PS3 and PC sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum from award-winning developer Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Interactive.

Here is the teaser.

Here is the highly-anticipated long version trailer straight from the SpikeTV VGAs 2010. Awesome! :mrgreen:

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