Fable 3 Demon Doors Locations Guide (Xbox 360)

Fable 3 Demon Door locations guide screenshot
Our Fable 3 Demon Door locations guide will tell you how to open each of these Demon Doors (whose locations are already shown on your map for each area they’re in) that are scattered throughout the world.

You’ll be rewarded for all your trouble of course, and we’ll tell you what you get at the end of each description.

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Demon Door Locations and Rewards

Brightwall Village Demon Door

Clue: This ancient doorway is feeling rather broody.
How to Open: The easiest way is to adopt a child at the Bowerstone Orphanage. You’ll need to guide the kid to the Demon Door, interact with the kid in front of it, and the door will open. If you want to do this the hard but sexually stimulating way, then you’ll need to obtain the “Family and Lover Expression Pack” from the Road to Rule and make a person of the opposite sex fall in love with you. Buy a wedding ring and propose, then have “Unprotected sex” with them in the bedroom in order to have a child. Wait until the kid is old enough for you to hold their hand, and then proceed to take them to the Demon Door to open it.
Reward: You’ll be rewarded with 25 Guild Seals and 3 Summon Creatures Potions inside the “Last Orders” area of the Demon Door.

City Of Aurora Demon Door

Clue: This sentient doorway wonders how committed people can be to their moral convictions.
How to Open: You won’t be able to access this door until the end of the game, so simply play through the game and then come back to this door after the Revolution. The requirement for opening the door is to be entirely good or entirely evil, your ultimate morality will only be given due to the choice at the end of the game (Give to the Treasure to become ultimately Good, steal to become ultimately Evil). Once you’ve satisfied the requirement go to the Demon Door and it’ll open.
Reward: Legendary Weapon

Millfields Demon Door

Clue: This stone portal questions the value of traditionally held notions of aesthetics.
How to Open: Fat and ugly is the requirement to open this Demon Door. To obtain it, you’ll need to get your weight meter found under your Hero Status all the way to the right and be wearing a crazy outfit in order to get in. To do so, you can wear the outfit from the beginning of the game or pajamas, then go to the Sanctuary and die each part of your clothes a different color. To fatten up head to the pub and drink lots of beer, or eat lots of meat and pies until your waist balloons. You can also get a facial tattoo. Once you think you’re face will scare tiny children, head to the Demon Door and if you’ve met the requirements it’ll open.
Reward: 40 Guild Seals found in “Twitcher’s Curtains”.

Mistpeak Valley Demon Door

How to Open: You can only open this Demon Door by playing cooperatively with another player and getting all romantic with them. Note that the reward will go only to the host, also you are both required to have acquired the Lover Expression pack from the Road To Rule (as well as the ability to marry). You’ll find the Demon Door located uphill from the lake, head towards the snowy area with the bridges that cross the valley. Go under the first bridge which leads into the valley to find the Demon Door. Once you and your co-op partner are in front of the door, hug, kiss each other and then one of you will have to propose. Hold each expression until your controller vibrates. Once you are married the Demon Door will open. You’ll find that the “Demon Door Retirement Home” contains a Legendary Weapon for your troubles!
Reward: Legendary Weapon

Mourningwood Demon Door

Clue: This ancient and war-weary edifice is quite interested in weaponry.
How to Open: Max out your Melee or Ranged Weapon skills (purchase Level 5 on the Road to Rule) and get all three upgrades for any Legendary Weapon. Remember that Hero Weapons are not Legendary Weapons. You can discover what upgrades are available for a Legendary Weapon by examining it at the Sanctuary and pressing the Y Button. Once you have fully upgraded a Legendary Weapon and maxed out your skills, take it out in front of the Demon Door and it will open.
Reward: Inside “Planet One” you’ll discover a Military Costume and Summon Creatures Potion.

Sunset House Demon Door

Clue: An ancient and sentient door near Sunset House wants to meet a monarch.
How to Open: This Demon Door will open once you have become the Ruler (King or Queen) of Albion. This will happen as part of the main quest storyline. Once you’ve met the requirement, you can walk to the Demon Door and it’ll open. Head to the “Pools of Sorrow” area to claim your reward.
Reward: 1 Million Gold

Video Locations Guide

This video shows you the locations of each Demon Door and how to open them.