CityVille walkthrough video guide (Facebook)

Cityville walkthrough artwork
Our CityVille walkthrough will guide you on video through the Facebook game’s tutorial and provides lots of gameplay tips to improve your city.

CityVille is a new social game allowing anyone anywhere to build their dream city from the ground up. Available in beta in the coming weeks, CityVille is debuting in five languages – marking the first international game launch for Zynga. CityVille is Zynga’s most social game to date with new features that allow players to build a city, interact with friends’ cities, and build franchises with the help of their friends. The game follows on the heels of the widely-successful launch of FrontierVille, which currently has 28 million monthly users. CityVille will be available in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish on Facebook at

While Rome may not have been built in a day, the growth of a CityVille town is in the hands of the player. CityVille represents the most sprawling game board for Zynga allowing players to grow a thriving city, balance the needs of citizens, run restaurants and businesses and harvest crops. CityVille also features Zynga’s first 3D-rendered buildings and characters and represents the most interactive Zynga game board to date. Let’s have a look at it by playing through the game.

Table of Contents

CityVille Walkthrough

CityVille Introduction

We start our guide with a quick look at the in game introduction to CityVille, some of the games basic features and begin building the city of our dreams.

CityVille Farming and Business

The key to a successful city is of course it’s infrastructure, CityVille allows you to open your own shops and as in it’s previous title FarmVille users can manage crops of different types.

Both stores and farms provide useful goods and coins that are necessary to building larger buildings and keeping stores well stocked with the goods they need to continue operating.

CityVille Town Flag

It’s time to put your city on the map and no city could be recognized without it’s own flag.

During this video guide I discuss getting friends involved and some helpful tips on getting the gifts that you want from friends and neighbors, remember be friendly when asking for things it always helps. 😉

Tip: Use your Facebook chat to ask friends currently online to help out with specific items you may require for a set task, lots of people will always send you gifts but it helps if they know what you want, and then you can return the favor.

CityVille City Hall

Buildings like your City Hall will need members of staff, you could pay for them using your cash but asking friends to become a member of your staff is always a lot cheaper and more fun. During this video we also look at helping out our friends to receive extra popularity and some much needed energy.

CityVille Game Features:

City Building
Build your town from the ground up! Once the land is cleared, make way for deliveries by assembling a road. Keep your residents out and about by building restaurants, stores and city services such as post offices, schools and fire departments. Build homes for your townies, and earn more money for your city by decorating them to increase the rent.

Run Your City
A happy city, is a lucrative city. Plan the layout to make residents happy, and earn money as they eat and shop. Keep them well fed at restaurants, and run sales at businesses to attract a crowd.

The People
Your characters won’t all look the same – dozens of characters and city officials will be available on launch day, including the ones who keep the city running – business owners, doctors, firemen and police officers. More people will become available as your city expands.

Goods & Trading
Goods and trading are the lifeblood of your thriving city. Plant and harvest crops to keep restaurants stocked, and population stuffed. Send ships to import goods from places such as Shanghai, London and Rome to give your townies a taste of a different culture, and buy more storage, piers and farm plots to grow the city rapidly Trading between players is encouraged – buy or sell goods to others to avoid stomach rumblings.

Neighbor Cities
Love thy neighbor. Visit your neighbors’ cities to help them secure more energy, decorations and collectible items. Be a good buddy by helping friends accelerate crop growth, expedite shipping times and construct buildings faster. Send them gifts to finish city service buildings and clear ground for them to build on. You can even own something in a friend’s city. As you go you earn experience and buy things for your own collections and to share with more friends.

Commerce & Franchises
Put that economics class to good use and grow your city. Trade with neighbors by buying or selling goods sent by rail. Offer goods to friends or buy their extra supplies when they come by to offer them. Deliver supplies via trains running at the edge of your town between all the neighbor cities. Friends can also run businesses in your city. Build an empire of business locations but don’t forget to supply them with goods. The more locations you get, the bigger you can grow your business headquarters in your own city.

Guided Play
As the city leader you must guide your city to become a thriving metropolis. The city advisor will always show you fun things to try next to make a great metropolis. Once tasks are complete, you can unlock rare buildings and decorations.

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