Disgaea 4 intro video

Disgaea 4 screenshot
Disgaea 4 is the second PS3 entry in the series and is scheduled to release in Japan on February 24, 2011 and in North America in the summer of 2011.

Because the game is so long off, Nippon Ichi has given fans a bone in the form of the intro to the game, which is all kinds of crazy.

Disgaea 4 features a new storyline that follows a boy vampire and former tyrant named Valbatoze, a wolf-like boy named Fenrich and a girl named Fuuka who wears a Prinny-themed school uniform with new adventures in the Netherworld.

The game also includes an all-new graphics engine with an anime style and all-new game systems. As well as a greater emphasis on politics, including an Obama-like character who says “Yes we can” every chance he gets. :mrgreen:

Here is the new intro video.