Tron Evolution Walkthrough Video Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

1 December 2010
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Tron Evolution walkthrough box artwork
This Tron Evolution walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of cutscenes and gameplay for this classic reboot based on the upcoming film, for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Transport into a high-tech and action-packed world of Tron in the prequel to the thrilling 2010 film Tron Legacy. Explore vast cities and fight high-tech enemies as you try to save a world on the brink of totalitarian domination. Tron Evolution features an epic adventure across a massive digital world filled with high-mobility disc-based combat and advanced light cycles.

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  • Table of Contents

    Index of Tron Evolution Guides

    Aside from a walkthrough, the videos will also show you how to find some of The Tron Files and Abraxas Shards locations.

    Introduction by the developers

    Gameplay mechanics, story details, system upgrades and more revealed as we tour Tron with the help of a developer.

    Tips from the developers

    The intro continues with more tips. The actors even chip in about the history of Tron.

    Chapter 1: Reboot

    During the Tutorial, your NAVI BIT (navigation aid) will be turned on by default. Follow the blue marker to your next Objective.

    Objectives: Meet Tron at the elevator & Follow Quorra & Stop Abraxas
    Location: Module 8 Lower Concourse

    Part 2: Welcome Program

    While in the Tron City limits, you can use your NAVI BIT to guide you to your next Objective.

    Objectives: Suppress the Infected & Clear all the hostiles from the sector
    Location: Module 6 Maintenance Concourse.

    Tip: Remember to visit Disc Stations regularly to keep your character upgraded with the latest software.

    Part 3: Clu’s Betrayal
    Objective: Acquire the Abraxas Disc Shard
    Location: Master Router Control

    Tip: Using your Power Attack while Sprinting or Blocking will perform unique attacks that can turn the odds in your favor.

    Part 4: Flynn’s Arcade

    Objective: Acquire Tron File & Escape Clu’s sentries
    Location: Module 3 – Quarantine Zone

    Hint: You can refill your Energy by vaulting off energy objects.

    Part 5: Quorra’s Plan

    Zuse’s End of Line Club is where Daft Punk play their cool “Derezzed” song. 🙂

    Objective: Meet Quorra at the End of Line Club
    Location: Stack 262 – Under Construction & Exterior Maintenance Terrace 43 & EOL Club – Receiving Platform

    Follow NAVI BIT to meet Tron at the elevator.

    You must keep following the blue lights behind Quorra. On the way you will come across a few enemies. You can use your melee attacks and your disk attacks to get rid of them.

    Abraxas will attack! You must perform the on-screen combos to send him to the platform above. Take care of some enemies in between. Make your way to the disc station and have a look at your upgrades.

    You must then switch on your NAVI BIT, to find out where you need to go, you need to follow the corridor and go around the corner. Along the way cross the ETC and open the door. You will then have to fight some infected d(a)emons.

    Following the trail around the wall you will then find an Abraxas disk… make your way to the door on the upper level.

    In the next room you will find a corrupted ETC column. You must make your way to the enter platform to activate the energy spot, leave through the door close by.

    You will then need to jump down and activate the two corrupted energy points. Which are located in the next room.

    Your next objective will be to clear out all the enemies. Use your parry attacks to take out the Red Scouts. When you are in the next room you will receive a mag disc, you can use this to follow Quorra.

    Here, use your power shots to get rid of the enemies. You can use a combo of mag disc jumps and grapples to make your way out of the room.

    Use acrobatics to get out of the room with more of Clu’s sentries. You will need to use your grip points to move around the pillars. Taking out the sentries as best as you can.

    In the last part of the level you need to be careful on your driving. Focus and keep your speed up. You will need to be patient so take your time (meaning you will derezz a few times).

    Chapter 2: Shutdown

    Objective: Reach the Solar Sailer Docks
    Location: Sub Junction 3 – Quarantine Zone

    Tip: If enemies have low health, when hit with a corruption attack they won’t just derezz, they’ll explode.

    Shutdown Part 2

    Let’s take the Light Tank for a drive.

    The first main thing you need to do in this level is take out all the enemies. And then jump to the wall on your right. You need to run along the billboard and make your way to the disc station.

    Once you have made it to the local archives room you need to hit the red buttons. This will create a bridge to the far door.

    You must climb up and around to reach the mag grapple point. Swinging until you reach the next area. You will then need to run towards the tank jumping across the gaps and make your way to the next area.

    As the building starts to fall, you need to run to the left and grabble across the chasm. When you enter the vehicle station, you need to take out the enemies and activate the energy points. Once you have made it back on foot, you need to dispatch the heavy soldiers and follow the path. When you reach the master control room you need to press all the red switches. Once the grenades variant have attacked you need to keep moving and hitting him with disc attacks until you’re done.

    Chapter 3: Arjia

    Objective: Infiltrate Arjia City
    Location: Arjia Codestream Sub Level

    Arjia Part 2

    Objective: Locate the HUB
    Location: The HUB

    Arjia Part 3

    Objective: Escape Arjia City
    Locations: Arjia Master Archives & Cooling Tower & Sector Quarantine Gate

    In this next level you will need to follow Quorra into the control room.

    You will then need to climb up and open the large bay doors. Once you are inside Arija you will need to make your way to the large mag point. Waiting for the bridge to straighten out first, then swing yourself across.

    When you reach the building, people are fleeing, take on the soldiers. Use some more acrobatics, here you must time your jumps through the electric barriers. Moving forward and up. Some more soldiers will appear through the bay doors. You will need to grapple and climb across to the conduit hut. Jumping through the barriers and beams will take you to the next room.

    A soldier will then appear, you need to use your bomb attacks on him this will finish him off quickly. Once the battle has ended make your way through the doors.

    You will then have to make your way back to the plaza for another round of battle. You will need to activate the energy points and grapple upwards. You will need to start moving when things begin to crumble. Climb up to the top platform in the centre of the tower.

    You will need to defeat the soldiers that have landed on the vault. Run along all the panels to activate all the switches, then make your way through the door. Climb up to the cooling tower and take out all the enemies.

    There will be another tank section, shoot all the ships that land. If you are fast the battle will be over within no-time.

    Chapter 4: The Combatant

    Objective: Race to the Game Grid & Infiltrate it
    Location: Periphery Corridor South

    The Combatant Part 2

    “The game has changed, but the rules are simple. Win and survive!”

    Objective: Locate Gibson & Survive the Game Grid Tournament
    Location: Contestant Marshalling Area

    The first section of this chapter will take place on the light circle. You need to keep your speed up to make the jump. If you need to slow down that is fine (only if your health is running low) keep your eyes open as there is a lot to watch out for.

    Once you have made it to the game grid take out all the enemies. A mag point will also appear. You will need to press the switch to get the drill started. You need to have a wander around the area and find three switches that need to be activated.

    Now we need to find Gibson. Grapple around the room and make your way to the disc station platform. Climb through the gap. — You need to survive each game grid battle to continue.

    Chapter 5: Identification, Friend Or Foe

    Objective: Investigate the Kernel
    Location: Bostrum Colony

    Tip: Use disc slam attacks to deal with swarms of enemies.

    Identification, Friend Or Foe Part 2

    Objective: Meet Gibson at the top of the Kernel & Escape Abraxas

    Hint: You need to use the Stasis disc on the advanced Infected in order to damage them.

    Identification, Friend Or Foe Part 3

    Objective: Shutdown the Reactor & Escape Bostrum Colony (with Flynn’s Light Cycle) & Defeat the Infected Gibson

    Reminder: Don’t forget to setup your loadouts for differing maps and play styles.

    Identification, Friend Or Foe Part 4

    The Infected Gibson fight continues. Next, use the light bike to drive to Arjia City.

    At the start of this level you need to make your way into the building and go to the right. You need to use a bomb disc to knock the pillar over. Use the pillar as a bridge and run across.

    You need to hit the switch in the central lobby (floating). Use the disc to attack the enemies in the other room.

    There is an energy point above a door you need to activate. You will need to use your mag points to get to the other side of the pillar. You will need to time your movements.

    Clear out the infected in the next room. Use disc bombs on the blue panel. You need to time your movements when you make it around the rocks. Once again you need to clear all the infected from the platform.

    Once you have made it to the command centre you need to hit four switches. Remember to hit the horizontal one last, then clear out all the enemies. Run across the bridge before it disappears.

    Once you have made it into the retractor room you will need to activate the two green energy points on the floor. Then climb around the pillars to activate the third. Katana Variants will attack, use your new corruption disc to take them out.

    When Gibson first attacks you must keep your distance, once he turns green use your attack discs on him. You will then have to destroy the corrupted panels, you need to avoid the infected soldiers that appear. Clear the soldiers when Gibson is on the move. When Gibson is vulnerable, don’t hold back for one second.

    After the battle you need to climb out of the cave, you will eventually reach a room with some more switches and soldiers. Hit all of the switches to exit.

    Outside you will find a Light Bicycle, destroy all the guards and hop on. This area is all about your speed. Keep to the left hand side of the track!

    Chapter 6: The Approach

    Objective: Bypass the Sentry Blockade
    Location: Jalen Plaza

    Tip: Using your special Disc Power, while sprinting, allows you to cause major damage and stay on the move.

    The Approach Part 2

    Objective: Defeat Abraxas
    Location: Integration Chamber

    In this level you must make your way into the large room ahead, you need to be as quick as you can. Use the walls as protection to hide from the tanks. Jump onto one of the tanks and use your melee attack until each tank has been destroyed. Keep fighting until you reach the Hub. You need to take out all of the enemies.

    Abraxas will then attack, his first form is simple, but any attack means damage. Wait for him to slam to the ground and move in using your stasis disc.

    The second form he comes in is a bit tougher. Watch the floor closely for blue sparks. You will need to lure Abraxas into these spots until the debris falls on top of him.

    Chapter 7: End Of Line

    Objective: Find a way onto the Regulator
    Locations: The Outlands & Recog Launch Terminal 52 & Bomb Conveyance Network

    End Of Line Part 2

    Objective: Locate Quorra & Defeat the Black Guards
    Location: Cooling Alcove B, Bomb Bay 152 & Distribution Core & Master Induction Propulsion Core

    Be sure to use your Bomb Disc on the bomb crate. After finding Quorra, fight off the Black Guard’s Grenade and Light Staff variants.

    In this last level you must make your way through the rocky corridors until you reach two shielded soldiers. Take out the soldiers to move the barrier.

    Jump into the passing ship. You will need to kill the enemies to create a bridge to get to the other side. Make your way along the small platforms until you reach the disc station. Here is your chance to upgrade.

    Destroy all enemies in the control centre then cross the bridge. You will need to take out more enemies to activate the energy points and jump onto the elevator.

    Once you have cleared the soldiers you will need to climb around the red handholds. Once you reach the mag point you need to run up the wall. Use to conveyor belt to get to the far wall.

    You will need to defeat the enemies in the bomb bay to carry on. Climb down the cooling alcove and cross the corridor. You will need to time your moves when you are running along the walls. Drop yourself down into the bomb distribution and take out all the enemies. You will then need to activate the energy points (then blow up the crate using your bomb discs) and exit via the hole.

    Make your way to the opening to find Quorra. You need to be fast in this next section as the grenade variants are pretty fast with their bombs. It might be a good idea to isolate them on the centre platform (use your bomb discs too). Use the stasis discs to take out any light staff foes. You will then need to use your corruption on the sword soldiers.

    End Of Line Part 3: Abraxas Boss Fight & The Ending

    Clu keeps sending his minions after you, continue fighting the Black Guards, this time of the Katana variant. After that you’ll get the final Abraxas boss fight.

    He will decide to attach himself to a power cylinder, you will need to throw a bomb disc at the cylinder to disconnect the connection.

    You will then need to activate all the energy points when they appear. Wait until Abraxas is standing on the centre platform before you hit the final energy point.

    You will need to repeat this tactic until Abraxas attaches himself to the centre pillar. You can then throw a bomb disc at him to defeat him for the last time. You’ve made it to the end of the game! Cue the final cutscene!

    Thanks to Dan for the walkthrough video guide.


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