Disney Epic Mickey cheats and tips to unlock cartoons and modes (Wii)

Epic Mickey 2D side-scrolling transition level screenshot
These Disney Epic Mickey cheats and tips for the newest Wii platformer from veteran designer Warren Specter shows you how to unlock New Game+ and classic cartoons.

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Unlock Classic Mickey Cartoons

You’ll find Film Reel collectables scattered about the 2D Transition Stages that take you from one part of the world to another. After collecting enough of the Film Reels, talk to the cartoon in front of the Movie Theater on Mean Street. That will unlock the cartoons for you to watch under the Extras section of the Main Menu.

1. Mickey Mouse – “The Mad Doctor” – Collect 20 Film Reels to unlock.
2. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit – “Oh What a Knight” – Collect 30 Film Reels to unlock.

Unlock New Game Plus+ Mode

You can carry over your collectables from one file to the next by completing the game, then reloading ypour old file and beginning another game. This is called “New Game+” and lets you start the new game with all your old stuff! Snazzy!

Here is a look at the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon unlockable.