Disney Epic Mickey Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii)

Quest 29: The Throne Room

Before we start solving the puzzles on this level we need to take on those enemies in front.(you know what to do!)

We can now begin, if you didn’t take on the sweepers before we started painting they would have gotten very annoying as usual and started throwing there famous thinners at us.
If you have befriended the Slobber he will help you defeat any other sweepers on the ground level.

You have the option to use paints of thinners on the paintings. If you use paints you will exit the Throne room via Fantasia 2 and if you use thinners you will exit via Fantasia 1.
If you go with paint, paint all the blank paintings along the wall, not forgetting the tiny one and you can exit the Throne room via Fantasia 1. Instead of using paint you decide to use thinners, you will have to break down all 4 walls revealing a pulley, thin out all 4 chains as well.

The chandelier will fall from the ceiling and will open a secret chamber . However if you do chose to use thinners you will not be able to restore the paintings.

Back to the painting explanation, once you have filled in all the painting’s make sure they are completely filled as you will have to go back and check. You will only allow to go to the next stage of the level once all painting’s are completely filled.

Once you have filled in all the painting’s correctly, the gargoyle will appear from behind a ball on each end of the balcony. We have to reflect the light of all gargoyles into the centre of the gem stone.

Once the gem lights up, it will reveal a secret chamber that will hold the Fantasia 2 exit.

Once we have arrived in Fantasia 2, go to the right and run down until you come to a wooden ledge were you will be able to see a sketch. Once you have collected the sketch go through the door on the right, waiting for the boot to take you to the sketch and a film reel on the wooden ledges.

Wait near the small door until you are able to jump across using the butterfly, carrying on will take you to the film reel, located on a wooden table which will lead you to Fantasia 2.

This is a very straight forward level, using the stars and sparkling clouds will take you to the film reel. Carrying on using the starts and sparkling clouds will lead you to the Large north star where the Projector is located.

Quest 30: The Final Towers

Utilidor IV

When you arrive at Utilidor IV you must watch out for the falling corridor directly in front of you.
Once you make your first jump onto the chandelier you will see a transparent gear, paint this gear to raise the chandelier you are standing on (double jump over to the next chandelier).

As you have seen there are Shadow Tentacles, watch the pattern that the tentacles appear.
Paint the second chandelier and the translucent shield on the wall. You can use this shield as defence from the Shadow Tentacles.

You will see a toon wall post, if you use your thinners on this painting you will reveal a secret chamber holding a silver pin.

You must now make your way back to the main corridor, jumping back along the chandeliers, watch out for the floor as it falls. As the floor around the door approach will crumble, use your thinners to thin the door so you will be able to jump through it.
Jumping on the door and land on the next available chandelier, making your way across until you reach an alcove on your right hand side.

Watch out as the final leg of the corridor looks really empty but it isn’t ! so watch out and remember to double jump over the tentacles.

Sorrow Tower

Watch out! Everything is falling apart around you.

We need to make our way to the top of Sorrow Tower, going slowly as the ledges shake and fall.
Double jump over the first gap in the stairs doing the same for the next gap ahead.

You will see the translucent pieces on the stairway, use your paints to fill in these sections. This will give you a sturdy place to stand.
As you make your way to the next section you must tread slowly as the ground fall apart underneath your feet.

There will also be shadow tentacles, double jumping over them. Quickly finding a place to land as the ground very unsteady.

You will eventually run out of edge to walk along, use the chandelier hanging, double jumping onto the chandelier will give you a clear view of where next to jump.

Watch out for the tentacles and keep painting the translucent pieces.
Keep climbing till you reach the top of Sorrow Tower.

A Blot awaits you at the top of the tower, to activate the gem you must spray paint at the gargoyles to rotate them so the beam shines on the gem.

There will be a single chest at the back of the tower, it is good idea to have a look as it holds health, paints and thinners.

Once all the gargoyles are shining the light beams on the gem, the gem will power up and drive the blot off.

Make your way through the doors in the side tower under the glowing purple gemstone, and make you way to the projector which will hold Fantasia 3

You will appear on a floating able when you arrive in Fantasia 3.
Once you reach the platform, double jump over the broom sticks and jump over to the stairs on the left hand side.

Jump onto the flying book, and take a ride up to the ledge above you. Watch out for the brooms pouring water, jump onto another 3 flying books and you will eventually reach the film reel and make your way to the right to find the projection screen.

Grief Tower

When you enter the tower you will see a large curve, watch out as there is a tentacle around the corner. Paint the translucent shield as a temporary barrier, remember if you watch the pattern of the tentacle you may be able to run past it.

There is a translucent chest, using your paint’s you will find a gold pin hidden in the chest.
You will have to dodge more tentacles, double jumping over the large gaps in the floor.

Take your time once you jump over the gap, as you will not be able to continue until you paint the ledge as the gap will be to wide.

A blot will appear in the next section and it will appear to be quite close to your face. Wait until the dust settles. Paint the far ledge and double jump to land on it.

Continue going up the tower avoiding the tentacles, painting anything and everything translucent on the way up.

If you have any extra watch sketches, use them against the tentacles. This will give you an advantage to get past them safely.

When you reach the top of the tower you will come across another blot. Watch his movements and watch out for his little minions

In this section to fight off the Blot once again, you will have to rotate the gargoyles repainting their head to activate the gem to fight off the Blot.

Making your way across the barrels to get to the other side, making your way to the floating book, making your way to another set of barrels, hop along them to reach the film reel, jumping to the left making your way over the barrels once again. When the last barrel starts to sink into the water, double jump onto the ledge and make your way to the projector.

Loss Tower

Following the ramp up to the right, paint the stone and wait for the tentacles. Carrying on up the ramp being aware of the tentacles and painting any translucent ledges to make your jumps safer and easier you will come to your first arena battle.

Using your thinners and paint on the minions, don’t forget to have a look around the arena and pick up any health you may need.

As you exit the arena you will need to paint the first ledge and double jump onto the new platforming
Continuing up the tower ledge by ledge, paint the final ledge watching out for the tentacles before you jump into the second arena.

Using your paints to convert the sweepers, they will help you out in the fight.
Try and concentrate on one sweeper at a time, as it is very overwhelming. Have a look around the arena, using your spin attack to find any extra health and E tickets to help you in the upcoming battles.

Once you have defeated all the enemies, the gate will open. Paint the ledge to continue on with the mission.

There is a Gold Pin located on the ledge below the third arena. Double jump down from the ledge to retrieve the pin.

The third arena hold two splatters. It is tough to avoid these little creatures, using your paints to convert the slobbers will help you as they will help you along the battle.

Squirting paint into the slobbers mouth, doubling jumping over him. Continue this until you have defeated him.

Making your way up the final few ledges until you reach the top of Sorrow Tower.
If you have not noticed the Blot is no where to be seen., as we have done in the two previous levels turn the gargoyles.

Now! As you leave the blot will appear, it will shatter the floor making us fall through the fall!
Be quick! There is a sketch, try and grab it before you fall through the floor. ( as well as paints)

The second floor will hold some paints and power ups as well. Grab them before the floor caves in(in the third forth and fifth will also cave)
Once you reach the sixth floor you will come across a red chest that will hold the Skydiver pin for surviving the fall! (you must survive to be able to get the Skydiver pin)

Utilidor VII

Painting the shields on the wall slow down the tentacles that come out of the walls.
You must watch out for them as the are all along the walls. Removing the toon wall in the corner to exit the corridor and return through a second hole in the wall.

Jump through the wall and landing on the chandelier. Paint the second chandelier and double jump over to it, you will also be able to retrieve a silver pin on this chandelier.

You will see that the corridor will collapse when you land on the chandelier, be patient and wait until your chandelier swings as far into the corridor as possible, double jump and spin attack to grab hold of the top of the ledge.

If you make this jump you will be able to get your hands on a gold pin!
Make sure you are quick as the ledges fade out and you will fall and lose your entire health.

Remember to paint everything you can. You really don’t want to miss out on missing platforms as they are the one thing that gives you a safe landing.

As you make your way down on the chandeliers, double jumping near the bottom will make you land on solid ground(FINALLY!)

Now we have found the exit, it is time to take on the blot for the last time.

Quest 31: Inside The Blot

Once you arrive inside the Blot, you will find that your heart is being held by four bloticles. As with the previous bloticles missions, you will need to use the same tactic of blowing up the yellow pustules, following them along the bloticle.

You will also have to take on varies enemies. If at some point you find yourself in need of extra health. Using thinners on enemies will reveal a pink mickey health icon.

If you find yourself surrounded by large group of enemies, use your sketches as this is the final battle.

Congratulations on finishing Epic Mickey as good Mickey!

We hope our walkthrough helped you on your way through Mickey’s epic adventure.
Do you have any questions? Leave them in the comments section for us to answer.
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Epic Mickey FAQ’s

Clarabelle the cow flower locations

The first FLOWER you will be able to find is under the garden, you will need to use your thinners. The second FLOWER is located behind Clarabelles house. The third and final FLOWER is located next to the lamp post, on the right and side near the exit.

Where in Mickey Junk Mountain are the three TV’s Located.

The first TV is to the right side of the crane, right besides the crane.

When you search for the second TV you will need to make your way passed one of the Thinners falls with an old telephone located on the right hand side. Two Spatter guards guard the second TV on the Mickey Mouse club island, you will need to squat the spatters into the nearby Thinner Sea, you can also spray the TV to occupy their attention.

To find the third TV you will need to make your way back to the starting area, at the base of Mickey Junk Mountain. You will need to make your way to the top of the junk heap and have a look down and take on the two Splatter guards. Once you have taken on the Splatter guards, you will need to follow the power cable on the floor to reach the bright blue mickey Fantasia poster. Thin out the poster to locate the third TV behind it.

You will need to free Kip the trapped Gremlin from the cage who will then fix the crane instead of Mickey having to recover the three televisions. If you do not find all the TV’s, Kip the Gremlin will start the crane for you.

How do you beat the large purple blot in the arena?

To beat the bot located in the arena, you will need to shoot the large spots on the tentacles. You will also need to place some TV’s down to distract the enemies running around.

Where are can you find the Tiki Masks located in Ventureland

You will be able to located your first Tiki mask in the tree-house, you will be able to find the second mask on the roof, you will need to paint the patch before making your way over onto the roof. The final mask is located above the contraptions water wheel.

How can you beat the basher on your way to Tourtuga

The best way to beat the basher, whilst you are on your way to Tourtuga, you will need to drop your TV’s. You will need to drop >strong> THREE TV’s to beat the basher.

How to defeat the pirates, when you go to Pirate Wasteland?

To deafeat the pirates, you will need to use the thinners on the pirate, you will need to use the thinners whilst his back is turned. It will also be a good idea to upgrades your TV level to the next level. You will need to drop 3 TV’s to beat the pirate.