Disney Epic Mickey Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii)

Quest 23: Mad Doctor Boss Battle

The Mad Doctor has another battle for us to take on!

To shut down the guards we have to activate the generator pads.
Remember if you have saved the Gremlin in the previous level he will disable the first Beetleworx generator, if you didn’t save Jarvis you will have to defeat the machine on your own.
If you have saved Gremlin Stuffus in the previous level he will come and help you with the second generator.

Double jump up to the upper trolley track, run down the track until you reach the wooden platform where a blue chest will be. It will hold Donald’s Right Leg!

Once you have are running around the attic, make sure you do not take on more than one machine at once. As you will overwhelm yourself and really damage your health, this will mean having to start all over once again.

Jumping on the machinery behind the Beetleworx’s generator, this will give you break from the on going battle , look for the mad doctors art on the first machine, this will reveal a Gold Pin in the back corner.

Remember if you have TV sketches use them! They will really help you in the battle with the enemies. Getting rid of the Beetleworx gives you Thinner capacity upgrade when you defeat the mad doctor.

When you activate all three generator pads, this will give you the Paint capacity upgrade when you defeat the doctor.

Once you have defeated the doctor you will actually find out he a Beetleworx machine himself.
When you are listening to the Mad Doctors speech, Gus the Gremlin sneaks behind the doctor and pull out the rocket pack! Launching the flying craft into space!

Quest 24: Return To Bog Easy

Remember that is this a game the you decide what happens in the up coming levels, So! If you did not fix the balloon organ you’ll have a few more ghosts to deal with, if you did repair the organ you will be able to find Donald’s Torso around Bog Easy.

If you completed the task of getting the missing book to Madam Leona the ghost will reward you with The Well Read Pin.

Make your way over to the courtyard where you will see Metairie, she will ask you to paint all the bridges back as the ghosts have destroyed them, she will reward you with a Bronze pin if you complete this little mission.

If you have now got all the pieces to fix Donald he will then give you the task to “Fix Donald’s Boat” but this quest will only be available to you if you have collected all of Donald’s parts.

You will also have the option in this level to speak to Gilda, if you complete her race within the time limit she will reward you with the power sparks.

Mean Street

In mean street, if you return to the Usher and give him some of your new film reels you collected from the 2D levels you will be able to upgrade your health capacity and sketch capacity.

Make sure complete any missions you have not completed already. There will also be three new optional quest for you to take on if you wish to do so.

Return to Ostown

Before you make your way back to Mickeyjunk Mountain make sure you have completed or finished off all your unfinished tasks. Just like we did in Mean Street.

If you collected all Donald’s parts and he gave you a gear for the Tug Boat, have a talk with Moody. He will he in front of his house. Give him the gear and he will raise the Tug Boat out of the water for you.

Quest 25: Oswald Needs Help

Firstly we need to go Oswald’s control room, he will then tell us about the battle that awaits us in the upcoming level.

First we need to complete the projector before the battle can begin.

We need to get to the upper level, using the horse as a trampoline, wait for the chandelier to swing towards you. Double jump and land onto it. Jump over to the ledge wait for the knight to lean out of the window and wait until he goes back towards the window. Run across and jump onto the tree branch leaping onto the ledge near the window.

Double jumping once again up to the top of the tower were you will see the king. Follow the bones towards the ledge jumping onto the branch. Don’t forget to collect any E tickets and health along the way. Making your way to the upper level via the tree follow on to the end of the castle where you fill find the film reel and make your way to the projector.

Quest 26: Blot Boss Battle

At the top of Mickeyjunk Mountain Shadow Blot awaits!

You will have to jump up a series of unstable rocks to reach the Shadow Blot. Make sure you watch the shadow blots movements before you begin battle. If you have not noticed already, when he raises one arm you will see his arm will curve as he throws the bolt. This is a good top to use, as it will save your health points. Use the direction the Shadow blot moves in (his arm curving) as an indicator.

If the Shadow blot raises both his arms, this means he is gathering his minions. The shadow will release splatters. (be quick to deal with them) If the shadow blot places his palms upwards, and takes off into the sky he will start raining down with thinners. (run for your life!)

To damage the Shadow Blot, aim for his open mouth and keep your clear so he cant suck you into his monstrous mouth. (repeat until you have defeated the Shadow Blot) if you have a watch sketch available use a watch sketch and this will allow you more time.

Quest 27: Battle For Mean Street

This is a really straight forward level, make sure you keep on spraying the green growths on the bloticles as they appear and they will explode, destroy all the growths to get rid of the bloticles.

Battle in Bog Easy

This level is the same as Ostown, follow the text above on how to beat the bloticles.

Battle in Tomorrow City

This level is the same as Ostown, follow the text above on how to beat the bloticles.

Quest 28: Mad Doctor Boss Battle

We have not returned to the Mad Doctor’s Lab, as you can see it is like a war zone! Thinners all over the place. We need to take on 5 steam pipes in a limited amount of time! If we don’t make it in time we will drown in the thinners.

When you are taking on this mission, if you have any watch sketches use them! They make things so much easier and you are more likely to complete this task without drowning in the thinners.

There is also a bronze pin located in the room behind one of the Thinned out statues of Oswald, make sure you run back and collect it.

You have to defeat the sweepers and Slobbers to retrieve the key to open the door that leads us onto Sleeping Beauty.

We have arrived In Sleeping Beauty (one of my favourite Disney films, yes a girl writes the guides)
We will start on a very bumpy road, making out way to the right going all the way to the top of the hill.

Jump onto the tree and continue going to the right, the film reel is on the ledge;. Making our way down to the lower level.

The dragon will flap his wings and blow us off the edge and land on a tree , continuing going right we will eventually make it to the projector!