Disney Epic Mickey Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii)

Quest 17: Tortooga And 3 Prison Pirates

Once you have given Beluga Billy his bag back (that is filled with rocks) we have to go and retrieve the rest of his belongings which are located in the prison.

Each pirate will give you a challenge to do. Once you have completed all these tasks they have given you they will give you a key.

Following the pirates on screen directions you should have a rough idea where the keys will be located.

Once you have retrieved all three keys you may return back to Beluga Billy and he will open up the next projector.

Quest 18: Enter The Jungle

Once you have entered the jungle, follow the path to your right. It will lead you to Sparkey the pirate.

You will come across a Basher! This one is a little bit tricky and as Rob will state in the video he did die countless times. Watch out this guy is really quick with his blades. Use your thinner to wash erase his armour and keep your eye open for a time you can get in there and use your spin attack on him.

You need to land three spin attack on the Basher to defeat him. Remember that the sketch can come in handy in the battle. The watch can slow down the Basher’s attack, this will allow Mickey to have enough time to hit his weak spot (try and stay on the bridge and use it for protection).

Easy way to beat the Basher on your way to Tortuga: Drop TV’s! The Basher attacks them, and gets electrocuted. Drop 3 TV’s and it’s an easy kill. — Thanks for the helpful tip Keeks.

Once you have defeated the Basher. Sparkey the pirate will offer to give you a password to Skull island in return for three symbols. He will also ask you to take care of all the hostiles in the Jungle and he will reward you once again.

Make your way over to Hang Man tree, once you have defeated the spladooshs, jump down and turn to face the tree. Use your thinners on a moss covered rock in between the tree roots. This is the first symbol.

Once you have gone over the log bridge the next symbol is under the arch to your right and side, use your thinners once again and it will reveal the jungle symbol.
Follow the path to locate the final symbol.

The final symbol is near the well, use your thinners on the moss covered rock to reveal the last symbol (stand on the leaves and shoot at the moss covered rock)

Make your way back to Sparkey and he will open the path to get to the top of Hangman’s tree.
If you haven’t noticed already there are also some jewels that need to be found in this level.
You need to head back to the Jungle Entrance to find the first of the jewels.

Thin the wall to the right hand side of the entrance and make your way inside. You must now run to the end of the passage past the Spladoosh and you will see the jewel near the exit.

The next jewel you will need to make your way down to the lower level, jump on top of the arch and using your paint you must fill the top part of the arch. Jumping ahead of you on the trees you will need to paint to reveal some platforms. Following the platforms will lead you to the second jewel location.

Drop down from the platforms standing near Sparkey, you will need to spray some thinners on the wall to reveal a hidden area. This is where the third jewel is located.

Head back towards Hangman’s tree, look behind the tree and you should find a fourth jewel is located.

Once you have taken out the last Spladoosh near the stone heads. Turn around so you are looking at the Thinners. There is a fifth jewel on a boat floating in the Thinners River.

To activate all if the heads you will need to place all of the five jewels on the faces. You can do this by paining the empty eye sockets on the faces. This will unlock the well.
Jump up onto a small wooden platform to climb to the top of the stone heads, now jump onto the top of the well to enter.
Once you have fallen to the bottom of the well you will see a blue chest. This chest is holding Daisy’s right arm.

You need to use some paint to reveal a platform that is under the wooden door, jump onto the platform and free the trapped Gremlin.
Our next task is to find three lanterns.

The first is located once again near the entrance to the Jungle. You should be able to see a dead tree to the right hand side use your paint to reveal the first lantern.

Move back to the stone heads, you need to face the entrance to the Jungle once again look for the dead tree near the ledge and it will reveal the second lantern.

To find the last lantern go and see Sparkey once again. Spray the dead tree near the log bridge.
The door to the Jungle will open, it will reveal yet another trapped Gremlin (poor guy).

To find the film reel, you must make your way to the end of the boat, wait till the pelican comes toward you a jump aboard.
You will need to cross two sets of pelicans to reach the film reel. Make sure you are collecting those E tickets and healths along the way!
Once you have found the film reel make your way back the way you came, jumping over ice burgs to take you to the projector.

Pirate Voyage

On your way to Skull island you will make your way through Tortooga, as you might have known this game as two different perspectives. So depending on what choices you have in the Jungle will change the way your Tortooga perspective is. You will either have to deal with enemies in Tortooga or you can make your way to the projector where Sparkey and Billy are located.

Making your way to talk to the pirates you must take out the sweeper! There will also be a second Basher along the way that needs to be dealt with. Remember use your thinners and spin attacks to fight off the basher.

Continue making your way to Skull Gate. You have four blotlings to deal with. Once you have dealt with them jump up onto the roof top and speak to billy, he has a password for you, this will open the gate.

There will be a chest located on the docks. Make sure to spin attack this as it holds Daisy’s right leg.
Once you make your way back to Sparkey he will reward you with a special pin that will open the gate.

In this projector, make your way along the floating rafts that are bobbing up and down in the waves, once you have made your way onto the island and coax the spider to come down from the web.
Use him to get over the pit and collect those E tickets they always come in handy later on in the game.

Use the moving spiders to get to the film reel which is located on a tree hop down on the left hand side and make your way to the projector screen.

Quest 19: Raise Smee’s Boat

You have now arrived at Skull Island, firstly have a look around for any hidden treasure! There is a small cave, once you have exited the small cave, move to the right hand side, spray some paint on the jaggered rocks to reveal a hidden chest that holds a silver pin.

The first anchor is near Smee’s boat. Mickey must follow the stones to the main island and jump along the boats that will lead him to a small island. The anchor is being guarded by two splatters and a couple of bars block the entrance.

Make your way up the stairs near the entrance to the cave, once you are at the top make on the sweeper and have a look at the jagged rocks.

Once you have performed a spin attack on the gear head back down the stairs and deal with the splatters in the cave. Then using your thinners on the anchor it will make Smee’s boat rise up a little bit. Then make your way to collect the second anchor.

Making our way back to the main island taking n the blotlings (you don’t have to, you can sneak past them if you would like) once you have jumped onto the overturned boat you will need to jump over to a stone just in front of you. Over to your left you will see a large blue rock use thinners.

Once you have jumped over the last overturned boat follow the ramp to reveal another hidden chest. This chest will hold a gold pin.

Jumping back across the overturned boats and following the trail will lead you to the second anchor.
As the sweeper spots you the bars will raise ever so slightly. Move to your left an jump across the stones next to the cave. ( use a TV to distract the sweeper to make it easier to get into the cave or use a watch)

once you have climbed up onto the rocks and sprayed your thinners revealing an opening, move into the cave once again having to deal with another sweeper. You will then see the anchor, spray the anchor with your paints and thinners.

Once again jump onto the gear and use you spin attack to move the bars out of Mickeys way.
Following the trail back to Smee’s boat make your way to the sand near the front of Skull Island.

Once you see the pier have a look around for some metal sheds on you left hand side.
Climb up along the sheds so reach the walkway where the last anchor is located.
As you can see the anchor is on a small island. Use your thinners to remove the nest, jump along the masts, following the stones, go up the stairs, watch out there is a sweeper near a red flag, spraying the blue stone will reveal the anchor, firing off for the second time will free Smee’s boat.

Daisy’ left leg is near the top of Skull Island. Open the chest to collect Daisy’s left leg.

This is entirely up to you. (you do not have to do this level if you don’t want to you can proceed to Back to Ventureland)
Once you have collected Daisy’s left (or after you have spoken to Peter Pan and accepted his task) you will then need to head over to deal with Captain Hooks machine!

You will need to head towards the sand at the front of the island. You will then be able to see some steps that curl up into the stone. Jump onto these steps and over to the ledge to find the first pump.

Once you have dealt with the Sweeper, shoot paints and thinners into the pump. Once you have completed the pump task move along the walkway once again jumping onto another ledge filling in another pump.
Making your way down to the sand, jump onto the pier past the metal sheds there should be another pump. (you know what to do)

Once again following the path to a wooden barrier, use your thinners to get rid of the barrier. Once you come to the end of the walkway you will reach the last pump.
Make your way back to hooks machine, shooting it with paint once you reach it will reveal a chest containing a Pirate Friend Pin.

If you are ready to leave skull island, jump onto Smee’s boat and you will then move over to the Jolly Roger.

Quest 20: Hook Boss Battle

Okay! So now we have made it to the Jolly Roger.

Firstly you must DOUBLE jump across the crates to avoid the crocodiles, use your spin move to winch to lower the lifeboat onto the ship. Painting the next lifeboat, watch out for the crocodiles along the way they give a nasty bite.

Once you reach the deck, Captain hook will arrive. You have to choice in which direction you want to go in. You can either go on the upper deck and free the Sprite to increase your paint capacity or you can go on the lower deck to increase your Thinner capacity.

Hook will start to appear in the three barrels at different times, so make sure you watch out for his attack. When Hook uses a single shot use your thinners, if he uses a triple shot make sure you stand in between the different sections. Hook will also roll bombs towards us. Once they turn red you know your time is up and they will explode. You must double jump over the bombs and keep clear once they turn red.

The easiest way to defeat hook it to have a villain walk the plank!

If however you have decided to free the Sprite aka Tinkerbell, Peter Pan will come and save the day allowing you to continue your journey onto Back to Ventureland.

Quest 21: Bog Easy Projector

Back to Ventureland.

Depending on how took on the machine in Skull Island will depend on how this level happens.
Once you have returned back to Ventureland Smee with reward you with the last part of Daisy. Mickey must now go and find Daisy, handing her the missing pieces. Daisy will then give you an optional quest (this is totally up to you whether or not you want to do this quest) Daisy has lost an album near the train station back at mean street.

We will then meet up with Jim the Puzzled has three riddles for us to solve. The first riddle is located at the tiki hut. Mickey must paint the face, this will release a sketch (and return it to Jim).

He will then give you he second riddle. Make your way to the Mean Street train station, thinning the clock face will open a secret passage and grab the candle and take it back to Jim.

He will then give you the third and final riddle, the third riddle is locate in Bog Easy (so you ill have to wait until you reach Bog Easy) the answer to the riddle is actually the radio which is located n the lonely shack.

You must not forget to visit the shop before you finish this quest. You will be able to find health, upgrade pirates of the wasteland pin and upgrade a wallet.

Back to Mean Street.

Once we get back to Mean Street we need to round up those little Bunny Children (they have stolen 3 power sparks).

To be able to get the Bog Easy projector up and running we need to find those three missing power sparks.(you can do this by rounding up all the bunny children, hitting the bunny children with paint will make them curl up into a ball and they will pop out a power spark)

Once we have returned the three power sparks, Markus will need 15 power sparks, if you have enough power sparks you can give them to Markus and he will open the projector right away. If you do not have enough power sparks there are some side mission you will have to complete. — Talk to Pete, Horace and even run a race to achieve the missing power sparks you need.

Run into the haunted mansion and use the newspaper to float up to the ceiling, jump onto the light and double jump over the ghost.
Jump back onto the newspaper and float down until you can jump onto another light.

Swing across until you can jump onto the cupboard to the right hand side. Be quick as the top draw on the cupboard floats upwards, jumping over the gap will lead you to the film reel. Turning around falling through the gap, turn right and it will lead you to the projector.

Lonesome Manor Gate
We start this level at the swamps just outside the town. Use your thinner on the steam boat to reveal a hidden compartment. This compartment has the badge of Courage located inside.
If you paint the docks, it will reduce your chances of falling into the thinners!

Find your way around the swamp to get Town. Just outside of the town, take the right hand side and it will take you to a small island., you can chose to take on an option quest. Rob has taken this quest on so refer to the video for more information.
Next you must go and find Bertrand, he is located next to the dock. He will give you the mission to light up 8 lanterns. Two lanterns are located the entrance to the dock, the third is near the exit near lonely shack, the fourth is near the swamp exit, and the rest are all located around the streets.

Bog Easy
When you reach the Lonely Shack you can speak to Louis, now depending on what you decided with the ghosts this section is your choice.

We have now returned to the haunted house. Continue forward until you reach the dresser, beware of the ghosts and remember to collect those E Tickets!
Jump onto the flying pot to get to the next level. Jumping on the floating draw make your way up to the top. You will then see a light switch, use your spin attack on the light switch. Jump onto the floating boot double jumping onto the light and back down onto the cupboard. Jumping down on the ledge once the window shutters are closed, carrying forward you will once again reach a flying newspaper. Take a ride to the top and grab the film reel. Using your spin attack on the light again will cause the ghost to vanish revealing a clear door to pass through.

Quest 22: Lonesome Manor

Moving away from the projector screen we need to stay to the let on a small path that’s near the Thinner Lake.

Run straight up to the Manor House, there are lots of goodies if you want to spend some time in the graveyard.

As you head up towards the Manor House you need to be careful of Thinner stream and the gaps between the upper and lower levels.

Shoot the four columns in front of the house, this will form a jumping platform to get to the second story.

Once you have reached the second story by using your thinners, you need to free Neville the Gremlin, you can do this by spraying thinners on the wall to your left hand side this will open a secret room with the Gremlin.

Neville will reward you big time! To get another anvil sketch you must make your way onto the balcony. This sketch is located in a chest in the left hand corner of the balcony.

As we all know by now the doctor of course does not want you to come inside his wonderful Manor House. Once you have taken out all of the enemies, return back to the courtyard near the broken ledge. Using one of our anvil sketch’s drop it down onto the pressure plate and it will open the door revealing the exit screen.

As you enter this projection it’s a pretty simple one.
Continue your journey until you come to some stairs, you will then see a ledge, double jump up onto the ledge watch out for the skeleton spider! Jump across when the coast is clear and grab the film reel.

Dropping through the gap will lead you to the projector exit.


You need to set the stairs up, to get raise the stairs, once you have taken out all (or most) of the enemies it makes this task a bit easier.

Whilst the stairs are still down, thin out the wall behind the stairs to recover “ History Of Colonel Pete”

To be able to cross the balcony, you need to jump on the table as it comes near the edge. Use thinners to thin out the painting on the wall above to projector screen.

The next set of tables, it will move near a painting, you will need to double jump into the room as you get close to it. Once Haig fixes the pressure pad, you will only have 10 seconds to get to the open gate.
This is quite a tricky little task, If you cant make it you can also venture off and speak to Sam fir the other option to exit this area.

This projector is a relatively straight forward task. First you need to make your way into the house, as you can see the film reel is on the other side of the wooden wall. Drop through the hole in the floor, as I have mentioned in the text above remember to collect all those E tickets and health they do come in handy.

Continuing on through the house, watching out for the spiders and ghosts we will eventually come to film reel which is underneath a table, return passed the spiders and jump up onto the lights until you reach the top, jump onto the platform into the hole in the floor and you will find the projector which is take you to the Stretching Room.

Stretching Room

Mickey is now in the stretching room.
In the middle of the floor there is a huge gear, as one of the gears is visible we need to paint the other two.

This will activate the gear causing the entire floor to move up and down. If you only paint one gear the floor will move up to the second story and if you paint all three like we have we will go up to the third floor. (interesting little tip there)

If any of the paintings are missing sections use your paint to restore them. On the first floor there is quite a large painting of a man with TNT. Use your spin attack to spin the man so the painting’s showing the TNT barrel.( you will then find Sydney the Gremlin, he will then reorder all the of painting’ for you)

In this projection we need to watch out for those bolt of electricity, wait until there is a break in the electricity and make a run for it. Carry on forward. Using your spin attack to switch on the burner’s take a ride in the fumes( if you have not noticed already just before you take the fumes up to the next level remember to pick up the reel), continue along all the conveyor belts you will eventually get to a the end of the level where the projection screen is located.

Study the pattern of the slamming bookcases, you need to get the timing right otherwise you will damage yourself. After making it through the slamming bookcases make your way up the stairs to see Leona the green crystal. Depending whether or not you picked up Leona’s book you will be able to complete the “Recover the Runaway” this is an option quest when you speak to the librarian.

Gremlin jumbo is trapped behind the crashing bookcases! Use your spin attack to free him, in return he will offer to help you catch the flying books for 50 E tickets. Don’t you think that’s a great deal. Unless you want to run around and find the books yourself.

Once you have spoken to Leona, (and once you have finished all your optional quests, if you do the option quests for Leona she will kill the slobber for you) she will open the projector screen room and release a Slobber on Mickey!

You have to take on the Slobber, unless you want to quickly run past the slobber and jump into the screen before he attacks you!


Go forward towards the organ, follow the music notes to find out which keys you must jump on.
You must now go round the back of the organ following the red carpeted stairs until you reach the organ pipes, double jump onto the smallest one continuing to double jump till you reach the second story.

To your left (second story) you will see a curtain, using your thinners thin this curtain out and it will reveal a bronze pin! (in a secret area)

You will need to have a look for Ferinand, he is located on the far side of the balcony. He will then reward you will two Anvil sketches to help you out further along in the game.

You now need to go back to the organ pipes, use one of your anvil sketches,this will increase the hight of the pipes allowing you to reach the higher pipes where Gremlin Stuffus. He will help you with the fight with the mad doctor, if you pay him 100 E Tickets.

Keep going up the organ pipes until you reach the exit.

Go keep going straight until you reach the door the door will fall over into the following hallway.
Once you enter the haunted house watch out for that grumpy skeleton in the barrel, creep past him so you don’t disturb him.

Using the skeleton as a trampoline! Wait for him to go back into the barrel and wait until he springs back up and he will send you flying onto the upper platform.

Continuing on the upper level watching out for the bat as you go along, double jumping onto all the lights you will finally reach the film reel.

Watching out for the skeletons you will eventually make your way to the projector.
And pick up those E tickets and lives!