Disney Epic Mickey Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii)

Quest 11: Return To Mean Streets

Oswald will then give Mickey his next mission to restore the Tomorrow City projector.

Markus requires 5 more power sparks.

Start by speaking to Horace, he will then send you on a detective mission to find a missing book. Follow the footsteps to the cinema were you will need to jump up onto the roof, thinning out the walls and using them to get on top of the roof were you will have to purchase the book for 50 E tickets. After returning the book to Horace he will give you a power spark in return.

Power Spark 2

Talk to Pete in City Hall , he will ask you to round up the bunny children. With each of the bunny children he picks up Mickey will become slower. Jumping will get the process done a bit quicker.

Power Sparks 3, 4 and 5

Quest 12: Raise The Notilus

We will now take our power sparks back and get the projector fixed in return!
Now, this is a bit of a tricky but it is simple once you do figure it out. (yes it will take some time so be patient!)

To get the film reel, you must spin attack the cat, the cat will then place a sausage in the sky! (very odd) Now you make your way up onto the sausage onto the cloud and you will reach the film reel.

Carry on to reach the projector, be careful watch out for the fire hydrants as you will lose some health scores if you bump into them.

Now, this is one of those levels were Mickey has to use his thinners to control the platforms.
Using the paint shoot it at the gear to move then, once they are in the correct position use your thinners to stop it. (I would advise using the paint just before it reaches the position you want it to stop in.) this will take some practise to master.

Once you have made your way to the top of the platform, Mickey must then paint the large gear at the end of the wooden beam.
As you make your way down from the top you will see a pattern on the wall directly opposite you. Use your thinners to erase the pattern, it will reveal a chest that will give you Goofy’s right leg.

Quest 13: Tommorow City Square

The start of your journey to tommorow city, begins by finding 4 valves.

3 are visible on the lower level but 1 is hiding inside a wall next to the thinners waterfall, use your thinners to expose this rogue valve.

Tomorrow Square

Your first encounter on this mission will be a Slobber! Use your paints to attack the Slobber.

Make sure you have a run around the arena where the Slobber is located using your spin attack on any objects floating around and they should reveal some paints and thinners. Speaking of thinner WATCH OUT! The Slobber does throw thinners and they will cause some damage, so be careful.

You can also use your Guardian attack on the Slobber, by flicking the nun-chuck and WII remote at the same time. (be patient the controls can be a bit temperamental)

You will then come to a cutscene after speaking to Mister Rover, it will teach you how to use the TV’s. The thing is, you can only access our TV’s if you have a TV sketch.

You can use your TV buttons to drop down TV, if you have enemies ahead of you. This will cause the monsters/ enemies to ignore you and watch the TV you have dropped.

You can also drop the TV’s on the power units. This will charge up the tram track.
In the chest near Mister Rover will be another Goffy piece. (his torso)

As we carry on to the next level, running through the tunnels don’t forget to use your spin attacks on the objects lying around. This will allow you to stock up on your E tickets, paints, thinners and heath.

The film reel in this projector is located on top of a cloud behind a red door. Take the second spraying water to get to the cloud with the film reel. Make your way along the ground level (watching out for the bones and spraying water) to get to the bed where the projector screen is located.

You will then come to a cutscene after speaking to Mister Rover, it will teach you how to use the TV’s. The thing is, you can only access our TV’s if you have a TV sketch.

Tommorow Square Launchpad

Firstly in this mission we need to activate some TV’s. There are 3 TV’s and you will need a TV sketch to activate all three TV’s. Do not panic the sketches are located in crates before every power panel.

Make your way up to the track on the upper level, making your way on this track will make sure you get all three of the sketches you need to activate those TV’s.

The first sketch crate is located on the left hand side on a platform. Use your spin attack to break open the crate revealing the sketch needed to activate the TV.

Continue following the track until you come to your second platform. This one is located on the right hand side. Follow the same instructions I listed above to active the TV.

Continue following the above instructions to activate the final TV.
You will also come across a trapped Goblin, once you have competed the TV’s the tram will start working.
Remember if you take your movie reels back to the Usher all the way back to Mean Street, he will give you some pretty cool gifts in return.

To get to the film reel you will need to catch a ride on the broken telephone pole. Once you reach the top jump onto the platform, and there is the film reel. Moving along the lower level jumping on the spectators near the boxing rink will lead you to the projector.

Using the elevator to go down to the bottom level, following the tram track (watch out for the trams and electricity)
You will find an open area where you will need to restore some pipes. Use your paints to do so.
Once you have restored the pipes a short cutscene will show you that you have started the platforms.

Make your way over to the three moving platforms, once you get to the top, paint the missing pieces of the floor to make your way across to the centre platform. Were you will have to take on a robot. Use your paints to defeat him, watching out for the spraying thinners! You can use our spin attack on the small crate to collect more paints, thinners and lives.

Once you have defeated the robot you will then come to a cutscene involving Oswald the rabbit.
Where you will then have to take on the Petetronic Boss Battle.

Quest 14: Petetronic Boss Battle

The battle with Petetronic will play through the same regardless of choosing paint or thinners, but this will affect the outcome of the battle.

During the first phase Pete will throw huge balls of thinners at Mickey, dodge these until Pete uses his disk attack, use Mickey’s spin you can send the disk flying back, Pete will turn his back revealing an opening for you to fill his suit with either paint or thinners.

The second and third phases increases the amount of thinners Pete will throw, his next disc attack will have Pete protected by a rotating force field, keep using your spin to send the disc back time after time until you break through.

Quest 15: Venture Land Projector

After you have completed the task of finding all the power sparks, make your way back to Markus and he will fix the projector for you, and make your way to the projector.

Now to find the film reel you must keep on the higher level. Once you get to the tree truck with the gap, fall in between and you will see the film reel directly in front of you. Carry on just ahead of you to make your way to the projector.

Once you have spoken to Smee you will have to visit each of the individual pirates to get the pieces to rebuild the gate opening device.

Quest 16: Venture Land

A Pirate’s Love.

So as you know from the video Rob could not find the three flowers! (but viewers have given a helping hand and told us where they are located!)

Now we are on our way back to give the Ice Cream to Damien Salt so he can give it to Henrietta the cow. Yes I know we will break his heart, but as Rob stated in the video he could not find the flowers!

How to find the 3 flowers in this Quest to win Clarabelle’s love:
1. One is to the left of her house under the ground. Thin the ground there and you will find the flower.
2. One is behind her house behind the wall. Thin the wall there (a little to the right of the wall) and there is the flower in a cave in the wall.
3. And one is on top of a tree as you are going to the top of the detective agency in Mean Street. It’s to the left of the big building where you rescued the gremlin from the safe. Thin the wall for yet another cave that has the last flower.
Thanks for the tips to our fantastic readers Polypmaster, MJK, and Anonymous.

Retrieve The Compass

This is the final challenge set by Smee. All we need now is the compass.

This is the level were we need to find a Teddy bear which is located in the tree hut which is located up the tree. (you can get there via the three wooden platforms)

Once you return the Teddy Bear the task is finally complete and the door will open once you have given Smee the final item (compass)

Once we get to Tortooga ,we will have to look for Beluga Billy’s sack. This is located over the boats to your right beware of the tides coming in and out as the water is thinners and will damage your health.

Remember to have a wonder round looking for crates and other objects, using your spin attack to find E tickets, paints, thinners and health.