Disney Epic Mickey Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii)

Quest 5: The World Of Gremlins

In this mission you must save Gus’s house.

There are a lot of broken pipes that need repairing.

To save Gus’s house repaint the missing pipe pieces around the centre valve, after fixing all the pipes spin attack the valve.

Gremlin Sunstar will then ask you to fix the village clock tower.

First return to Gus’s house and repaint it.

Use the magic carpet ride to reach the clock tower zone.

Use the projector to travel to the top of the village tower.

Completing the short platform level will take you to the top of the clock tower, you will also be able to collect another movie reel.

The Europe Boat Ride
Fill the clock tower paint to reveal the exit

make your way to the newly opened projector and jump inside.

To reach the film reel in the second projection, you the notes made by the goat to reach the highest point.

You will then be transported to the Europe arena.

Knocking down the two rows of pillars on either side of the tower will complete the leaning tower level.

By using the two spinning platforms you will reach a cloud, that will take you to the top of the tower .

Repaint the tower supports and make your way down using the next set of clouds.

Get Inside The Colloseum

Jump up onto the platform with the projector, paint the centre of the unpainted gear to move it into position, then use thinners to stop it at the correct level.

Continue on the path that Oswald took were you will meet small Pete once again.

Small Pete will arrive and trigger a sequence of enemies.

Make your way up to the once closed gate were you will find another projector.

Quest 6: Clock Tower Boss Fight

Whilst avoiding the clock tower bosses slamming punches begin using thinners on both his arms, using thinners will slowly destroy the bosses arms.

You can also use paint on his arms to stop them from moving.

Quest 7: Mean Streets

After speaking to Marcus he will ask you to collect two gears and in return he will fix the projectors for Mickey.

First make your way over to Horace’s detective agency.

Speaking to Horace that he would like Mickey to retrieve a book.

Next make your way down to the Emporium, and speak to Casey. Who will tell you go to the ice cream parlour, were you must speak to Paulie who will give you Horace’s book.

Quest 7 – Part 2: Mean Streets Gear

After speaking to Pete make your way down to the fire station to talk to Gilda. Gilda will offer you a time trial race, once you have finished the time trial, Gilda will give you the gear.

Following the guardian and the path that it highlights will allow you to successfully complete the time trial.

Remember that smashing objects will reveal E tickets and extra health units.

Meet up with Gremlin Gus outside the Penny Arcade. He will then send you on mission to collect power sparks for the projectors.

Quest 7 – Part 3: Mean Streets Power Spark

Visit the Emporium and Casey will give you another quest to retrieve a store room key. Which is located near the ice cream parlour.
Speak Laralee in the museum and direct you to the cinema to talk to the usher.

The Usher will give you Captain Hooker cutlass to bring back to the museum’s exhibit.
Laralee will then give you a power spark in return for Captain Hooks cutlass.
Return to Markus the gremlin, who will use the power spark to get the projectors started.
Make your way to the newly opened projector.

Quest 8: Welcome To OsTown

You’re first stop will be to speak to Moody the pirate, outside the gag store.

Moody’s house is in a bad state, so help him out by painting it back.
Once you have painted Moody’s house, return to him and let him know the task has been completed.

Moody will then give you the password 7-5-2 for the safe.
Use the jumping trash can to reach the highest point of the building to retrieve the safe, once unlocking the safe you will then free Prescott the Gremlin.

You will need to return to Mickey’s house and speak to the telephone. You must return the telephones signal to mean street by fixing the power box on the side of the house.

If you let Prescott inside the house he will dismantle the phone leaving a gear behind. Speak to Prescott and he will fix the bridge to allow you to access Mickey Junk Mountain.

Quest 9: Mickey Junk Mountain

Your first objective on Mickey Junk Mountain is to paint the TV’s to re-power the crane (there are 3 TV’s to paint).

1. The first TV is to the right side of the crane, right besides the crane.
2. When you search for the second TV you will need to make your way passed one of the Thinners falls with an old telephone located on the right hand side. Two Spatter guards guard the second TV on the Mickey Mouse club island, you will need to squat the spatters into the nearby Thinner Sea, you can also spray the TV to occupy their attention.
3. To find the third TV you will need to make your way back to the starting area, at the base of Mickey Junk Mountain. You will need to make your way to the top of the junk heap and have a look down and take on the two Splatter guards. Once you have taken on the Splatter guards, you will need to follow the power cable on the floor to reach the bright blue mickey Fantasia poster. Thin out the poster to locate the third TV behind it.

You will need to free Kip the trapped Gremlin from the cage who will then fix the crane instead of Mickey having to recover the three televisions. If you do not find all the TV’s, Kip the Gremlin will start the crane for you.

Quest 9 – Part 2: Knock Knock

The crane will then open up the Mickey lunch box revealing another projector allowing Mickey to carry on up the mountain side.
Using the lambs and flying eggs to reach the top level you will find the film reel.

You will need to use thinners on your latest enemies, spin attack them first to weaken them and make them easier to hit. Paint will not work on the hoppers.
Tip toe around the Spladoosh’s, if you want to make this easier you can paint them and Mickey wil be able to walk straight past.

Make your way along the rubbish conveyor belts avoiding the thinners spraying from the walls.
Jump across the thinners with the rubbish blocks on to get to the other side where you will reach a projector.
Before you reach the projector at the top of the level, walk off the vulture taking the left hand route back down to the bottom of the level to collect the film reel. Making your way up to the top of the mountain via the flying eggs, lambs and vultures you will find the projector.

Jump up onto the anvil, and over the O’s and X’s game. You will then have to paint in an anvil that will take you to the upper level. Use thinners on the concrete floor and use the gap to drop down and repaint the first of the power units.

Continue upwards on the rotating platforms, be careful of the thinners (the spray cans) once you have painted the spray cans to reveal a Mickey balloon you will have a time period to move out of its way. Remember to paint the power units as you proceed up to open the wooden gate.

Quest 10: Oswald’s 3 Challenges

Once you have gone through the wooden gate, proceed up the staircase until you reach the top, where you will reach a room with two doors and a card. Speak to the Ace of Spades will reveal your first challenge.

Challenge 1: Use a spin attack on the levers, you will have to jump off at the very last second before the train falls to reach the film reel on top of the high tower. After completing this challenge your second challenge will be unlocked

Challenge 2: Be careful of sparkling objects as they will cause you to lose health. Spin attack the cannon near machine gun nest to blown down the wall revealing the projector. Using the first tank to jump onto the dead tree. Jump onto the planes and continue using the planes until you reach the film reel on the second dead tree. After completing this challenge the Ace of Spades will reveal your third and final challenge.

Challenge 3: Wait for the alligators to snap before you begin to cross over the river, jump up using the lions head and you will be activate a switch that will activate a draw bridge that will allow you to the once unavailable E tickets. Going right over the jousting knights head, you will be able to continue over a group of four swards men to reach the exit. To reach the film reel, continue going upwards taking the left hand route. You will reach a character throwing out grey hearts, jump across using the hearts to land on to get to the film reel.