Donkey Kong Country Returns codes, cheats and tips list (Wii)

Donkey Kong Country Returns chest pound screenshot
Our Donkey Kong Country Returns cheats codes guide will show you tips on how to get infinite DK Coins and a banana barrel load of extra lives!

Infinite DK Coins

Here is a secret to collecting an infinite amount of DK Coins! Go to the Slopp Sands stage (Level 2-2) and you’ll notice an area directly before the Checkpoint Pig with two Squid Turrets that are below a bridge. You can use Diddy’s Jetpack to Super Bounce from the low Squid to the high Squid that are shot from the turrets. After you bounce off the high Squid bounce again on the low Squid and repeat this process of bouncing between the two to earn DK Coins. Keep this up to get an infinite amount of them!

3 Free Extra Lives

You can earn some easy free extra lives by playing a game with low batteries in your Wii Remote. When you’re batteries get low enough a message from Cranky will pop up and he’ll reward you with three extra lives to give you a boost!

If you have more cheats or tips please leave a comment and we’ll add them to the list and give you credit!

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