Donkey Kong Country Returns Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii)

World 8: Volcano

Level 8-1: Furious Fire walkthrough

Drop down to the lower area, keep moving to the right where you will find a hidden area.

Do not jump directly up to get the puzzle piece, go right to the platform above the O.

Make your way back to the letter, move past the platform on the right from there roll to the right.

After passing the checkpoint move along to the higher platforms.

After you have collected the N bock move along to the vertical wall, pounding your way to the lower platform, jump into the barrel and shoot off to the bonus area.

The next puzzle piece is hard to get. Jump up and pull the vine, this will lower some platforms, quickly jump across the platforms grabbing the puzzle piece before the platforms fall away.

Level 8-2: Hot Rocket walkthrough

At the start of the level you must quickly move to the right. Jumping over the tipping platform. Run up and jump into the barrel. It will take you to a bonus area.

Once you have got into the flying barrel, you need to dodge the fireballs. Getting the first level can be a hard one. You need to dive under a lower rock to retrieve it.

Try and fly in the middle of the screen , watch out for the fireballs hitting rocks.

When you are getting the O block, you need to be high, as soon as you have the O block quickly fly up again before you crash into the rocks.

Collect all the bananas after you have got the N block. This will give you a puzzle piece.

As you enter the narrow cavern you must be aware of the hanging rocks. Collect all the bananas to get the last puzzle piece. Once you have collected all the banana and got the last puzzle piece, keep dodging the rocks. Jump into the end barrel to complete the level.

Level 8-3: Roasting Rails walkthrough


Get into the first barrel, shooting yourself at the stone to the right. You will then enter a bonus level.

Next we will be in a cart! Remember to prepare your self before the jumps so you can clear the gaps.

As soon as you land in the cart you will need to jump onto the higher cart, ride it to the end of the track.

Remember to time your jumps in the cart to land on the tracks.

Once you have the last letter make your way to the end barrel.

Level 8-4: Smokey Peak walkthrough

Grab the DK platform and pound on it. This will lower a platform, jump on it. Pound the crate to get Rambi.

Make sure you are prepared to jump over the large gaps.

Hit the hanging Rambi boulder to lower the puzzle piece.

You will then make your way to two separate platforms, wait until the lava has stopped to claim your prize.

Towards the end of the level, the platforms begin to slope up and down, give the jump button a little tap so you are able to clear the gaps.

Collect the last puzzle piece then hover jump back so you can make your way into the barrel that will complete the level.

Level 8-5: Bobbing Basalt walkthrough

Pound the container at the start of the start of the level to reveal the first puzzle piece.

Pound the DK platforms to cause the tall structure to start sinking into the lava. Quickly move through the passage collecting all the bananas and coins as you go.

Shortly after you have reached the checkpoint, jump into a barrel and you will be taken to the bonus area.

Go along the long platform, blow on the windmill it will give you bananas and a puzzle piece.

You need to break down the brick wall in order to get into the bonus level. When you are in the bonus level, make sure you collect all the goodies in under 30 seconds to claim your puzzle piece.

Blow on the flower on the platform to collect an unexpected goodie.

Level 8-6: Moving Melters walkthrough

Grab the barrel near the start of the level and carry it across several platforms dodging Char-Chars.

The next puzzle piece is located underneath the platform. Jump over the stone wheel and walk along it until it rolls left

Watch out for the Char-Chars on the platform where the next letter is located,

You will then make your way to another stone wheel that goes to the right. Keep your eyes open you will see a puzzle piece.

Once you have jumped off the wheel, jump to a smaller platform on the left and blow on the windmill.

Near the end of the level you must climb up platforms on sinking structure. Quickly move to the right.

Jumping your way up to the top of the platforms (on the sinking structure) avoiding the Char-Chars and the fireballs.

Level 8-7: Red Red Rising walkthrough

This level can be a bit difficult, you have to jump across the platforms that rise up and down into the lava.

When you see the K block jump past it to a platform, then jump back and make your way back to the right.

Just past the K block you will land on a tilting platform. Stay on the left hand side of the platform, watching out for the bubbles of lava on the left, jump to the left, you will land on a platform that will shoot you into a bonus area. Remember to collect everything in under 30 seconds to claim your puzzle piece.

As you start on the vertical section keep your eyes open for any goodies along the way.

Char-Chars fly across the area where the O block is located, jump and jump over them. If they touch you , you will lose a heart.

Stone shafts extend from the sides of the walls and then retract again., be careful not to get squished .
You must move quickly as you jump up the next set of platforms.

The last part of this level, you must shoot yourself from barrel to barrel. The lava is coming up quickly behind you.

Level 8-B: Tiki Tong Terror walkthrough

Some extra tips for during the final boss battle with Tiki Tong:
* You can crouch to avoid the aerial hand slide attack.
* If you jump and time it right you can hit the top hand.

You have made it to the final boss level!

The Tiki Tong will jump into a rocket barrel and shoot to the top of the tower. You can move left,right, up and down to move out of his way.

When you see the spiked shafts, move to the top of the screen so you don’t get squished between them.

After you have dodged the shaft, you must now fly around and avoid getting hit by the Tiki’s floating around in hot air balloons, keep moving left,right, up and down to get out of the way and to clear the area.

Once you have reached the top of the tower, you must defeat the Tiki Tong. Jump and dodge away from his hands which he will use to squish you with.

Jump onto the red button on the back of each of his hands. Once you have hit the button on his hands twice, he will then turn into a bunch of bananas.

After you have defeated one hand, use the tactic you used to defeat the second hand. You must move quickly as he does not stay vunerble for long.

When you have defeated both hands, the Tiki will then start to use his head to crash into the ground.
Jump out of the wave of the shock waves. You will lose a heart.

Jump onto the red button on his head. You must do this three times.

The Tiki Tong will then make random attacks with just his head. He will fly into the air and drop flaming Tiki Buzzes into the arena, dodge out of the way of the Tiki Buzzes and jumping over them to get out of the way.

The third hit you will get on the Tiki Tongs head you will finally defeat him.

Congratulations you have finally finish Donkey Kong!

The ending cutscene before and after the last boss fight are different depending on if you play with Diddy or not. Play as only Donkey Kong, and it just shows a close-up of Donkey Kong and Diddy isn’t there. Play with both Donkey and Diddy Kong and during the falling to the island scene, Diddy comes out of nowhere and grabs Donkey Kong and lowers him to safety.

Level 8-K: Five Monkey Trial walkthrough