Donkey Kong Country Returns Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii)

World 7: Factory

Level 7-1: Foggy Fumes walkthrough

Jump onto a small platform on the left side of the first fan, as the platform descends collect all the bananas on your way down.

Making your way across three fans until you reach a barrel, it will shoot you into a background area. Take your time since there will be smoke obscures.

Once you have passed the first checkpoint, go to the left and jump across the brick wall.

Once you have reached the background area head over to the moving platforms on the right, turn and blow the smog.

Once you have got the letter continue past the checkpoint.

Jump up to the small platforms hanging from the girders. You will then make your way directly into a hidden area.

Just past the letter you will need to blow on the musical horn at the top of the small hill.

Jump onto the last platform to make it spin, collect the last puzzle piece and continue to the end to complete the level.

Level 7-2: Slammin’ Steel walkthrough

When you get to the second conveyor belt you need to time your movement. Jump down to collect the DK barrel then move back up to the conveyor belt.

Remember to blow on the light bulb.

Jump onto the piston that rides up and down, it will take you to a hidden area where the puzzle piece is located, remember to collect all the coins and bananas in the hidden area.

The next section is tricky. It will fall on top of you if you don’t move fast enough.

Once the press lift again pound the cracked section of the platform, it will then bake you into a bonus level. Collect everything in under 30 seconds to claim your puzzle piece.

Soon this level will go vertical, you must time your movements so you don’t get hurt by the pistons.
Continuing up through more pistons to reach the end barrel to complete the level.

Level 7-3: Handy Hazards walkthrough

Pick up the DK barrel. It will come in handy in this level.

After you have collected the firs puzzle piece, wait until the right-side fist is up. And then jump across to the blue platform.

You will then make it into a bonus area where you will have to collect all the goodies in under 30 seconds to get the puzzle piece.

Head to the rubbish pile, hover over to the right to get the letter.

Jump over the four boxes to gain height when getting your letter.

Make your way to the end of the level.

Level 7-4: Gear Getaway walkthrough

Walk over and pick up the DK barrel.

Jump across to the second moving barrel platform. Drop off its right side and land in the barrel. You will then be shot to a bonus area.

After you have jumped into the rocket barrel, collect the line of coins and bananas there will be a puzzle piece ahead of you.

In this level you must fly between giant gears. Watch out for anything along the way.

In order to get the last puzzle piece you have to collect all the bananas and coins. If you do so a puzzle piece will be your reward.

Once you have collected the last puzzle piece you need to watch out for the two large gears.

Near the end of the level you must fly through a huge gear. Once you have collected your letter make your way to the end of the level.

Level 7-5: Cog Jog walkthrough

Right at the start of the level hit the hanging light.

The next section will take some timed shooting, get into the barrel and fire yourself at the letter.

As soon as you land on the platform step off the left hand side and drop into a barrel.

When you have passed the checkpoint, run and jump off the tilting platforms.

Just after the checkpoint, ride the platform up and jump into the pipe, this will take you to the bonus level.

You will then be back on the same platform you went up onto the pipe on. Once you are at the top, jump and hit the hanging light.

Jump up to the top of the platforms using the three platforms. At the top there is another puzzle piece.

When the gears stop moving the trap door will open. Pound the red button in the middle of the power cord. You will need do do this in 7-6 and 7-7 to activate the boss battle at the end of the level.

Continue to the end barrel to complete this level

Level 7-6: Switcheroo walkthrough

This level uses coloured switches to move the platforms.
The blue switches cause the platforms to extend. Where as the red switches cause the platforms to retract.

You will go to a bonus level at the start of the level where you can collect all the coins and bananas and the puzzle piece if you have collected everything in under 30 seconds.

Flip the red switch to retract the platform. Then pound the petal platform to drop down into a barrel. This will take you to a secret area where you will have to pound another red button. You will have to do this to power up the connection for the Boss Battle.

Jump to the top of this vertical shaft, you will need to do some skilled jumping to collect the next puzzle piece.

When you reach the spot after the first checkpoint, grab the DK barrel (if you don’t have Diddy) jump back onto a red platform, from there drop down to the blue . Jumping up more red and blue platforms until you reach the puzzle piece.

Go past the second checkpoint then jump up a series of platforms as you move to the left.

As you start jumping up the platforms to reach the end level, jump left to land on the platform. This platform holds the last puzzle piece, continuing on to end the level.

Level 7-7: Music Madness walkthrough

When you start this level, move to the left, jump and pull on the vine to open a door.

Look for the bananas in between drums, drop down below the bananas to land in a barrel.

Continuing to the first checkpoint, once you have arrived jump up to the left hand side onto another drum. Keep going until you reach another barrel. This barrel will shoot you to the bonus area. Collect everything under 30 seconds to claim the puzzle piece.

You will come to a section that will have several moving platforms. You need to make your way to the lowest level platform.

Keep going to the right over the platforms, stay low along these platforms.

On the platform, between the two sets of mullets, stun the Pyrobot then pound the container.

As you come near the end of the level, you will once again be going along a series of platforms. The yellow platforms shoot steam, which will carry you up. The red tanks shoot flames so watch out.

Pound the trap door to enter a secret area. Pound the red button to plug in the power for 7-R.

Level 7-R: Lift-off Launch walkthrough

Get the red switches on the previous three stages to get lift-off.


Level 7-B: Feather Fiend walkthrough

when the bottom panel with the spikes rotate and reveals the green chains, get in between the robots legs, jumping up to grab the chains.

Whilst you are holding on, pound the chains to damage the robot. Move out the way when it reveals its spikes.

You must watch out as the robot will try and fry you with its flames. Run away before the flames can get you. You must also be quick when the robot fires it’s fire breath. (pound the chains then run out of the flames way)

You will have to damage the Stompybot 3000 three times, you will end up breaking its leg off in the first round.

He will then try and drop eggs on you. You must move out the way. Once the eggs crack they will release Bugbots. Jump on there heads to get rid of them.

You will then have to get on top of Colonel Pluck three times and you will have defeated this boss.

Level 7-K: Treacherous Track walkthrough