Donkey Kong Country Returns Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii)

World 6: Cliff

Level 6-1: Sticky Situation walkthrough

This level has a few tar waterfalls they also have platforms made up of bones.

If you fall into the tar pit, pound the ground to knock off the tar. Whilst you are covered in tar it makes it hard to jump.

When you come to three platforms floating in a pool of tar, when you reach the end jump and grab the grassy layer above.

When you reach the ledge with the barrel, jump off the ledge instead. Pound the cracked ground to drop down into a lower area.

As you come to another set of falls, there will be a balloon to the right. Then make your way past the checkpoint,just after the checkpoint blow on the dandelion.

When you get to the platform where the giant skull is located, run to the left. Hover jump off the edge to get to another platform.

Make your way back to the skull. You will then enter a bonus area.

Once you have slid down near the skull and landed on some platforms. Make sure you watch the pattern of the platforms when they move, this part of the level can be a bit tricky. Keep your eyes open for the goodies on the platforms.

When you reach the last platform, clear of all the skulls on the platform so it will tip to the right. Once you have looked around and collected all the goodies make your way to the barrel to complete the level.

Level 6-2: Prehistoric Path walkthrough

When this level begins move to the right. Jump down through the tar pit leading you into a bonus area.

Once you are on the cart you need to be prepared to jump as there are breaks in the tracks.

You need to stay lower, there will be a section of the track that contains a low area with spikes.!

When you come to the next set of spikes, jump over them, the container above is hollow and contains a hidden area with some goodies.

After you have gone past the checkpoint, jump off the edge onto a tiki to give you the height you need.

Once you have jumped off the Tiki, jump again off the next Tiki so you will be able to get onto the upper track.

Be careful this track will not start to break up. Get ready to jump.

You will then drop into a large eggshell.

When you reach the end barrel pound the cactus then hit the barrel to end the level.

Level 6-3: Weighty Way walkthrough

At the start of the level, head to the left and pound the cactus.

Get across first pair of hanging platforms, hover jump over to the grassy platform.

When you reach the platform, roll off the edge instead of jumping into the barrel.

After passing the checkpoint, jump on the spring boards.

You will reach a bonus area. Remember to collect all the goodies in under 30 seconds.

Pound the cactus to release a barrel.

When the platform reaches the bottom, jump into the barrel that will shoot you up to the last puzzle
piece. Crawl down to the right to complete the level.

Level 6-4: Boulder Roller walkthrough

Blow the windmill to lower the platform, pull on the vine, pound on the DK platform and a spiked ball will start rolling.

Once you have the K block, go to the left and barrel roll. Jump and land in a barrel that will take you to a bonus area. Collect all the goodies to claim your prize at the end.

Grab the DK barrel as Diddy will come in handy.

After you have pounded another cactus for a coin blow on the blue flower.

After you have passed the checkpoint, jump onto a Bonehead Jed he will then launch you onto a platform.

Jump across the ramps where the spiky balls are rolling and blow on the blue flower.

Grab the DK barrel continuing to a solid wall where you can pick up the N block.

Head to the right and blow on another blue flower.

You will then need to get passed a couple of spiky balls. Duck down. Pound the cactus.

Move past two more spiky balls jumping across onto a wooden platform.

When you reach the bottom two slopes remember to duck down whilst the balls roll past.

Level 6-5: Precarious Plateau walkthrough

Go blow on the blue flower and see what it holds.

Keep going to the right until you reach the DK barrel.

You will need Rambi in the next part of the level. He will then charge through the blocks and you will enter a bonus level.

Pound on the DK platform to break open some large crates. Jump over the crates and land on the platform. But before you jump onto to the platform, blow onto the blue flower.

Whilst you are in the background area you need to move quickly as the wooden platform you are standing on will fall away as soon you touch it. So RUN!

Once you have made your way back to the main level, you will then be making your way along some hanging platforms.

Pound the DK platform to reveal some Rambi blocks, crash through them whilst you are riding Rambi.

Collect all the bananas in the background area, then make your way to the barrel to complete the level.

Level 6-6: Crumble Canyon walkthrough

Blow on the blue flower at the start of the level.

Once you reach the platform after being shot out of the barrel. Pound the cactus.

As you slide down the section after moving across a series of collapsing platforms

You will then make your way across falling wooden platforms, move quickly before you fall.

After you have been shot out of a barrel. Jump down the sliding slope to the right where you will land in a barrel that will take you to the bonus area.

After you have passed the next checkpoint, you will be chased by a large boulder.

After you have jumped over the small fence, blow the blue flower.

Once you have come to the end of the downhill run, make a jump with Diddy if you have him.

As you come to the end of the tunnel watch out for the barriers.

Level 6-7: Tippy Shippy walkthrough

Pound the hole in the bottom left to reveal some bananas and coins.

You will then enter the Hull, where a bonus level is.

The K block can be hard to get. First you must climb across to the underside of the grassy mast to reach the checkpoint. Pick up the DK barrel it will come in handy. Head back to the tippy ship. And the K block is located on the left.

Continuing past the checkpoint until you reach the ship that has some squid shots. Get past the first two then pound the stone. This will take you into the lower deck.

Once you have reached the building with firing cannons, you need to time your jumps so you will be able to jump on the open hatches.

Once you reach the ships stern you will enter a bonus level when you drop down. Make sure to collect all the bananas and coins in under 30 seconds.

When you come out of the bonus level, run across the ships stern, jumping across to the grassy mast.

Passing the next checkpoint, until you reach a wrecked hull.

You will then need to jump into a barrel that will shoot you into a background area.

Jump into the barrel at the end to complete the level.

Level 6-8: Clifftop Climb walkthrough

Pound the DK platform several times to make three skeletons appear. Jump on there heads and collect the coins and other goodies.

You will then enter a bonus area. Clear out the area in under 30 seconds to get the puzzle piece.

Watch out for the collapsing rocks!

After you have claimed the K block, you will be shot out of a barrel and land on a series of platforms. Stay to the left, get onto the platform with a cactus.

You will reach a second set of swinging clocks. Jump and hover over them to enter the cave on the left, there is another bonus area here.

Move carefully over the platform, leaping over the Skellirex to get the letter whilst trying to avoid the spikes.

The letter is located on a spring board, the platform below will fall away so you have to act fast.

Near the end of the level, you must use the barrels to shoot your way up to the top.

Level 6-B: Thugly’s Highrise walkthrough

Thugly will start by charging at you. His back is covered in armour so watch out.
When his armour slides forward this is your chance to jump onto Thugly and give him a good beating.

When he makes his second charge, make sure you stay out of his way. Wait until he rolls over onto his back. Jump onto his stomach and get in another hit.
He will then try to jump attack, he will jump high into the air and will try and land on you. Make sure you roll out of his way and avoid the shock wave. Get in a third hit when he charges at you for the third time.

Duck and avoid being burnt by Thugly’s fire breath. He will then repeat his three attacks, get in three more hits. This will send you and Thugly to the final round.

He will spit small fireballs at you in the final round, you must dodge these otherwise you will lose a heart.

He will then attack four more times, his charges will speed up too. Make sure you get the hits to defeat Thugly.

Level 6-K: Perilous Passage walkthrough