Donkey Kong Country Returns Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii)

World 5: Forest

Level 5-1: Vine Valley walkthrough

Once you have reached the top of the level make sure you pick up the DK barrel. After you have swung across a few vines you will drop down to enter the bonus level.

After you have reached and gone past the first checkpoint. Swing across four vines collecting all the coins and bananas and the balloon as you swing along. Diddy makes this level a bit easier as his hover does come in handy.

Right at the edge of the platform where the DK barrel is. Jump down into a group of leaves. You will then land in a barrel to the left.

Another barrel will shoot you to a platform. Swing across the next platform. Pound the gourd in the right hand corner. Here you will also be able to collect a heart and a couple of coins.

Jump over to the grass-covered log, climb on top avoiding the Buzzbites. There will be a vine to the left hanging from the tree tops. Climb up it.

Swing across the vines collecting any bananas that re floating below, if you collect all the bananas below you will be rewarded.

Be careful whilst you are swinging over the Chomps as they will stretch up and try to bite you.

The next vine you will swing across has Chomps at the top. These plants will slowly pull you in so make sure you are quick and time your jumps.

When you reach the barrel at the end, jump down to the platform on the end. Blow on the propeller flowers as they float up collect all the bananas

Level 5-2: Clingy Swingy walkthrough

Grab the DK barrel, then make your way across the hanging platforms and grassy logs. You will be able to pick up coins as you head over to the log swing.

Keep going until you reach a platform with a grassy bottom. Craw across to the right. Hover jump onto the platform you will see a gourd. Pound him!

Keep moving along to the right. You will eventually get another bonus level you know what to do in these levels!
Make your way to the swinging hut, climb around to the right side of the hut and pound the gourd.

You will eventually come to a round grassy ledge. You need to grab hold of it and collect all the bananas located on the wooden platform to take you to the end of the level.

Level 5-3: Flutter Flyaway walkthrough

You need to start by going across the moving platforms. Get the DK barrel so you can use it to hover jump in this level.

When you come to a couple of platforms move in a figure of eight pattern

After passing the checkpoint pick up the DK barrel. Jump over a couple of Chomps.

When you arrive at some large bouncy mushrooms, jump up to the grassy log and climb to the top.

Drop down from the grassy log onto a lower mushroom, jumping to the platform on the right. Move to the trap door pounding it to enter the bonus level.

There will be lots of bananas flying around in a circle above a mushroom.

Don’t jump into the barrel, roll off the edge, once you have collected the goodies on your way down jump into the barrel to the right.

After you have passed the checkpoint, take a ride on some small platforms, jumping across to another set of platforms will lead you to a mushroom.

Level 5-4: Tippin’ Totems walkthrough

This level requires you to do a lot of jumping between narrow platforms.

After you have gotten the letter, drop straight down into some bushes where you will find a hidden area.

Jump off the platform onto a series of moving totems. Collect all the bananas as you move to the right.

Right after the checkpoint, pound the trap door to enter the bonus level.

Once you reach the line of Bopapodamuses, jump across and collect all the bananas and you will be rewarded for your effort.

Level 5-5: Longshot Launch walkthrough

At the start of the level, collect the DK barrel, jumping off the ledge where you see a banana.
Where you will then be shot into a barrel and be able to collect loads of goodies along the way.

Head to the left where you will see a barrel that is to high for you to get, wait for a tiki boing to come along so you will be able to get into the barrel.

Take your time when you reach the section, where you are shot from barrel to barrel, avoiding the flaming Tiki Buzzers. Once yo have the letter keep going from barrel to barrel.
After falling down some mushrooms and landing on a platform with the DK barrel. Walk off the edge and bounce off the mushrooms.

Whilst you are still in the hidden area pound the trapdoor in the middle, this will drop you down into an even lower area. Pound the guards to get some coins and other goodies!

You will then come to some more barrels, you must have some patients in this part of the level. You need to time your shoot so you can get the prize hovering at the top.

After passing the first checkpoint you will have to perform several shots from barrels to avoid hitting any totems and other objects.

Passing the second checkpoint, jump over to the platform with the trapdoor. Pound the door and it will take you into a bonus area.

Pounding the ground past the last barrel will get you the last puzzle piece.

Level 5-6: Springy Spores walkthrough

This level has a lot of bouncy mushrooms. Watch out for the flaming Tiki’s.

Pound the trap door to lead you to a hidden area. Once you have picked up the puzzle piece, pound the ground and a mushroom will appear taking you back to the main platform.

Jump up a series of mushrooms to a swinging platform. Take care of the Tiki’s

when you come to the area with the grassy layers you can climb on them, avoiding any enemies below.

Head to the left jumping along a series of Bopapodamuses.

Jump across the second pair of swing huts. Get down to the bottom . There is a line of bananas, when you land in the barrel you will be shot to the bonus level.

You will eventually arrive at an area where there are lots of mushrooms. Bounce your self to the top.

After you have got the puzzle piece, bounce back onto the same mushroom. Hover across to the left to land on the hanging platform.

Finally bounce your way up to the top, collecting all the bananas and coins on your way up. Landing in the barrel to complete the level.

Level 5-7: Wigglevine Wonders walkthrough

At the start of the level, make your way onto the platform with the Tiki. Have a look in the leaves.

Swing across to a vine, use it to collect some bananas and other collectables.

When you arrive on the next platform pound the ground near the gourd to reveal a little surprise.

Once you have made it across to the other platform, make your way up the left hand side. Jumping across. When you make it into the barrel it will shoot you to the bonus area. Remember to clear out all the goodies to get the puzzle piece. But remember you have to collect everything before the timer runs out!

You will come across some more vines. Watch out for those Tiki Zings! Collect all the bananas and coins.

After you have passed the checkpoint move up the stairs, jumping into a barrel shooting you to a hidden area with DK, grab the barrel and throw it at the bag.

Move to the right and pound the cracked wood near a couple of Tiki Zings. Jump into the barrel and it will taken you to a hidden area where you can pick up some bananas ans and other goodies.

Once you have made it across several vines you will land on a platform for a gourd. Pound the gourd to get the last goodie for this section

Level 5-8: Muncher Marathon walkthrough

Make your way past the moving pillars without being squished. Pick up the DK barrel then bounce on the orange eggs.

This level can be a bit difficult, due to the swarm of munchers. Roll as much as you can, rolling will give you the speed to get out of the munchers way.

Roll away from the munchers and go under some Skittler Pillars, make your way up a couple of small platforms.

You will then see a gourd that is high up. Right before the red gate you must crash through it.

After you have crashed through the gate roll across and drop in mid air.

Eventually you will head to an area with a grassy later overhead. Pound the grass below to reveal a mushroom and some bananas.

Look for a hollow Skittler Pillar. Jump inside it and ride it to the top.

Jump on some bouncy eggs to get onto a platform.

You will come to another read gate. Roll around to the left passing through the bush underneath the gate.

After you have reached the checkpoint you will shoot yourself in a series of barrels. Keep your eye open for goodies along the way.

Level 5-B: Mangoruby Run walkthrough

Start at the bottom and pound the blue V into the circle.

Jump onto the other circles and pound all of those blue V’s. As you move around the Mangoruby will some after you. Climb fast and quickly, change directions to get out of his way, if he touches you. You will lose a heart.

If you need a heart pound the gourds on the side and they will release hearts for you.
You should keep Diddy with you in this Boss level as he will come in handy.

Once you have closed all the circles, the Mangoruby will lose his electric power. When he turns pink jump onto him and knock away a couple of sections. You will have to do this a few times to beat him. Remember to knock out the Tiki to complete the Boss Level.

Level 5-K: Blast & Bounce walkthrough