Donkey Kong Country Returns Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii)

World 4: Cave

Level 4-1: Rickety Rails walkthrough

At the start of the level jump into the barrel that will shoot you to a back ground area.

Smashing the gourds will give you some good goodies.

Pound the detonator to blast an opening into the mine. Use another barrel to return to the background area and enter the mine

make your way through the cave, when you reach some platforms leading upwards. Crash into the rock wall on the far side.

Continuing up through the cave and then out into a large area where you will be riding a mine cart.

Just after the checkpoint , drop down after the wooden platforms. Roll to the left into a small cave which will take you to a bonus level.

After you have left the bonus level, you will end up in another mine cart. Watch out for the falling crystals. They will break the track in front of you so get ready to jump.

As soon as you touch the rickety platforms they will begin to fall.

Once you fall through the mine shaft, jump tot he right before the platform falls away, jump to the left where the platform once was to land in a barrel, it will take you to a bonus area. You know what to do once you enter the bonus level.

Once you leave the bonus area you will once again jump into a mine cart, ride until you reach a barrel. Then jump into the barrel and head back towards the left. As you reach the end of the platform get ready to jump across to the wooden platform on the other side.

Once you have jumped back into the cart and collected your last block letter. Just back into the cart, jumping over to the end barrel to complete this level.

Level 4-2: Grip ‘n’ Trip walkthrough

In this level we get to ride in a mine cart again, get ready to do some jumping.

After jumping onto some Tiki’s, use them to get the balloon located above you. They’re really good for the hight. Be on the look out for the barrel it will take you to the K block.

As you keep going along the track, keep an eye out for a barrel located at the end of the track. Jump straight out the cart into the barrel to enter the bonus area.

Once again we are back in the mine cart. Ride through to the narrow cave. As you emerge, jumping on the Tiki’s .

Jump into the cart on the higher track and ride it along to the end.

Once you have passed the checkpoint, pound on the ground near the plant.

Use the cart until you once again get to the end of the track.

After you have collect the N block ride the short track until you come to the end.

Jumping into the barrel will shoot you to an area in the background. Continuing on until you have collect the last block letter.

Level 4-3: Bombs Away walkthrough

At the start of the level, head left into the mine. This will lead you to lots of bananas. Blow on the lantern to get a coin.

Once you are in the mine cart be ready to jump. Try and collect all the bananas and other goodies along the way. Remember to jump early so you will be able to land on the small piece of track..

After ducking underneath the crystals, get ready to jump into the mine cart coming towards you. As soon as you hit him, jump again and you will get a boost to the upper track.

You need to stay lower as you will be going under some more crystals. If you touch them you will lose a heart.

As you exit the crystal area be ready to jump so you will be able to collect the O block

To cross the large gap, perform a low jump. Just by tapping your jump button. You ideally want to jump on the lower track so you are able to collect the puzzle piece.

When you come to see the arrow sign point down, follow it. Do not jump across to the other track.

After the checkpoint you must keep low, then jumping over to the mole guards cart.

You will then reach the section where you are confronted by 5 mole guards. Perform a low jump onto the first second and third mole guard. The fourth mole guard will give you the height to grab the N block letter.

Once you reach the end barrel, run past it and into the cave. You will then enter a bonus level.

Level 4-4: Mole Patrol walkthrough

When the level begins go to the left to enter the bonus level. Remember to collect all the goodies!

Once you have collect the puzzle piece and K block, be careful of the spiky rocks the come out of the water below. You must be quick and look out for other goodies you need or may want to collect along the way.

After you have passed the checkpoint, collect all six bananas in a wavy line, you will be rewarded at the end if you have collected all 6.

As you carry along on the barrel rocket, the train will drop of four mole guards hanging from balloons. You need to pop all four balloons!

After you have left the cave, you must be careful of the falling crystals. Stay up high but be aware of the jaggered rooftop.

Once you reach the last barrel, go past it. Pound the cactus, then make your way back to the barrel.

Level 4-5: Crowded Cavern walkthrough

Jump onto the wooden platform, keep to the left had side as it will shake and fall.

Once the platform reaches the bottom, go to the left where you will enter a bonus level. Remember to collect all the bananas and coins to get the reward.

When the Sqeekly is chasing you stay in the middle of the screen. This will take you to the K block. Once you have got the K block pull up to avoid the rocks.

You will then fly into an area where there are lots of Bananas and coins. Have a look for something extra in between all of those.

Keep on following the banana path, if you keep at the level you flew at when you collected the puzzle piece you might find it come in handy along the way.

Once you have reached the checkpoint, when you are flying over the wooden planks the Sqeekly will pop there heads out from under the planks. Make sure you are ready for them.

Keep low as the next Sqeekly drops from the ceiling.

When you are dodging the rings be ready to dive low to collect the puzzle piece.

Try staying in the middle to low section. You will be in the perfect spot to claim the G block.

Level 4-B: Mole Train walkthrough

At the start make sure you grab the DK barrel as Diddy will come in great handy in this boss level!
Jump over the pickaxes. Jump over the low ones and duck under the high.

Once you are on the cart with the moles. Watch out for when the bananas are moving, you need to get out of the way otherwise you will lose a heart.

When your cart catches up with the moles again you need to watch out for more pickaxes. The guards will start throwing bombs at you. Just like in the previous battle throw them back at the moles.

Jump on top of the moles when they are going back into the bananas. Make sure the cart is not going off the track! You will then have to repeat this for a third time .

Once you have done this for the third time it is time to fight off the Mole Miner Max. He will pop out of the bananas throwing pickaxes at you just like the previous moles. You have to land on his head several times to knock him out. Hit the Tiki to complete the level.

Level 4-K: Jagged Jewels walkthrough