Donkey Kong Country Returns Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii)

World 3: Ruins

Level 3-1: Wonky Waterway

Right at the start, move forward and get the DK barrel. Diddy will make this level a lot easier.

When you reach the row of statues that are falling down, blow on the three candles lined up in a row. The statues head will release a vine. Climb up it.

When you reach the row of statues that are falling down, blow on the three candles lined up in a row. The statues head will release a vine. Climb up it until you reach the puzzle piece.

Once you have entered the bonus area remember to collect all the banana’s coins and the balloon.

Get back to the grassy layer and make your way past the checkpoint.

After moving past the checkpoint, watch out for the screaming pillars that fall down

Once you reach the statue head you need to drop down into a lower level, coming back up pull on the vine and carry on.

You will then come to an area that has a lot of unsteady rock platforms!

Making your way to the end of the level, you must hover over the last barrel. This will then take you to an off screen area. Pull on the vine to open the stones mouth to complete the level.

Level 3-2: Button Bash walkthrough

Right at the start of the level, pound the ground inside of the stone head on the left. Jump inside before it shuts!

Once you have been shot out of the barrels and landed in the ruin, jump on the stilts to clear the area.

You can reach the upper level by using the three barrels.

Use the Tiki Tanks head to bounce off as they give you really good hight to collect collectables.

You will then come across a series of barrels and tumblers.

After you have passed the checkpoint, jump up and grab the grassy layer and climb up to the ledge climbing to the left. Pound the ground and a barrel will appear.

Once you have passed the checkpoint it is another barrels and tumblers section.

Once the end of the level comes into site, we will have to go onto a series of platforms. Make sure you time your jumps because you will fall to the floor and have to start all over, so be patient.

Level 3-3: Mast Blast walkthrough

This level can be a bit tough. It will take some patients and good timing. Watch out for the cannons!

As your sliding down the stony slope, you will see the K block, it may take a couple of goes to get this letter so be patient.

Keep going, watching out for the pirate ships they will be jumping on the crates of explosives. Be careful as they are explosives they will damage your hearts so watch out.

After the second checkpoint, pound on the trap door to enter an area on the ship

After you have shot yourself to another ship, roll to your right rough the debris and down into the main deck.

Once you have exited the area, head up to the left jumping on the grassy mast, climbing to the right into a barrel that will shoot you onto another mast.

After you have collected the letters block, jump to the right and go to the front of the ship. You must jump to the highest point of the ship.

Make your way to the ships stern where the puzzle piece is located. (located on the far right)

Make your way to the mast where the crate of explosives are.

Level 3-4: Damp Dungeon

Make your way to the ruins and across the waterwheel you can collect the DK barrel hold onto the barrel for now. As you will need it to throw at a bag once you move past the second waterwheel.

Jump onto the grassy layer and climb past the Snaggles.

Get across to another waterwheel on a stone platform. Pound the area near the container.

Get across to another waterwheel on a stone platform. Pound the area near the container to claim your puzzle piece.

Jump across to a small waterwheel, landing on a platform with falling statues.

Keeping jumping across till you reach another small waterwheel.

Jump across to the fast spinning waterwheel, drop down to the platform below blow on the dandelion.

Move past the checkpoint dropping onto a lower platform, jump over to the grassy layer climb along it until you reach the bonus level.

After you have left the bonus level jump onto a higher platform to get the DK barrel. Drop down to the lower platform blowing on the windmill to rise the platform in the background.

Once you make your way to the large waterwheel. Pick up the barrel and carry it across to the last platform throwing it at the top part of the wheel.

Grab hold of the grassy layer, make your way across over the wooden spikes.

Once you got got the block letter, pound the trapdoor in between the spikes, this will take you to the bonus level.

Level 3-5: Itty Bitty Biters walkthrough

At the start of the level you need to go to the right. Climb up the grassy wall and jump into the barrel that will take you to the bonus area. Collect all the goodies in under 30 seconds!

Pound the ground near the Cageberry to flip it over, this will help you gain some jumping hight.

When you reach the next Cageberry use it to jump into the barrel and shoot yourself into another bonus area.

When you reach the next Cageberry use it to jump into the barrel and shoot yourself into another bonus area, where you can claim a puzzle piece if you collect all the banana’s coins and balloons in under 30 seconds.

Once you have used the Toothberry in the cage to jump up, get passed the two Toothberry’s that are not in cages. Dropping to the right hand side of the pillar.

Continuing on you will come across AckStacks, move towards and next to them. Wait until they sway towards you. As soon as their mouths open run past them so they don’t fall on top of you.

You will the come to another Cageberry. Move past it and get the DK barrel. Using the Cageberry to launch you into the air, you will then see a hidden area

Blow out the candles on either side of the Cageberry, this will cause the statue in the back to move.

Watch out for those Toothberry’s! They will attack you.

Jump on the Toothberry’s to reach the G block letter.

Once you have dealt with all the Toothberry’s you will be launched up to the surface. Jump on the mushroom on the left and don’t forget to blow on that dandelion.

Level 3-6: Temple Topple walkthrough

At the start of the level go left, collect the DK barrel and add Diddy to your back.

Jumping on the platforms and jump into a barrel. Collect all the goodies along the way.

Jumping over the spikes you will see a Rambi crate. Jump on top of the crate and pound it to release Rambi.

Using Rambi, charge through the spikes, pound the trap door which will take you into a secret chamber.

Head back to the start using Rambi to crash through blocks.

Continuing to the right crashing through more blocks, at the end of the path jump off the end to get the O block.

After you have reached the bottom charge through some more blocks. Don’t drop down a level just yet. Pound the ground will take you into a bonus level.

Head past the checkpoint. Before the second tower approaching there will be a blue Tiki Bomber on pound him!

Keep moving to the right, charging through anything that may be in your way.

After you have reached the next checkpoint you will have to move quickly as the stone walkways are all falling apart.

Level 3-B: Ruined Roost walkthrough

Kong has reached his 3rd boss!

As Stu flies he will drop bombs. Watch out for them, however you do have time. They will turn orange when they are about to explode. Pick the bombs up before they turn orange and throw them at Stu.

After you throw the bombs at Stu, he will try to fly down and hit you. Duck down or hide between blocks. When he drops more pops throw them back at him before they turn orange.

Watch out for them bombs that have flames on them. They send out flames that travel along the ground. Make sure you jump on the blocks for protection.

Stu will also drop giant bombs. When you see them coming towards you jump onto a golden block.. don’t touch the shock wave when the bomb explodes. It will hurt you.

Try to stay away from the Tiki pops they will follow you around the arena.

As the battle continues Stu will throw a line of bombs. Duck down to avoid them. Remember use the golden blocks for protection.

Keep picking up and throwing the bombs. You will need to do this six times to defeat this boss.

Level 3-K: Shifty Smashers walkthrough