Donkey Kong Country Returns Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii)

World 2: Beach

Level 2-1: Poppin’ Planks

Move to the right until you go underneath a couple of platforms. Hit the ground and force another piling out of the ground, use this piling to jump onto the platform above.

Pick up Diddy from the DK barrel and carry along jumping over two patches of spikes.
Once you have jumped down from the stone pound the ground in front of the treasure chest to reveal a balloon.

Hitting the ground near the heart will reveal a treasure chest.

Pound the DK platform, a whale will appear spraying lots of bananas. Make sure you collect them all!

Once you have passed the checkpoint, pound the ground once again near the treasure chest and see what treasure it will hold!.

Once you enter the bonus area try and collect as many bananas and coins as possible.

The last barrel will take you to the end of the level.

Level 2-2: Sloppy Sands walkthrough

Move to the right and pound the ground next to a piling to make another rise out of the sand. Grab the DK barrel but hold onto it. Turn around and throw it at the bulls eye.

After collect the four coins, blowing the flower to the right, beware of those pesky little critters.

Dropping down off the pier, hit the ground this will destroy the pier watch out for those snap snaps.

Once you reach the bonus area collect all the coins and banana’s there will be a reward at the end if you have managed to collect all.

Making your way to the top of the tower can be a bit tricky as it has loads of Squidlys. Jump into the barrel to complete the level (the barrel will shoot you to the end of the level)

Level 2-3: Peaceful Pier

After jumping in the flying barrel, make sure you collect as many banana’s as you can.

Keep flying at the same level this will allow you to grab any collectables along the way.

After you have reached the checkpoint, a pirate ship will start firing cannons at you so watch out.

As you are carrying on towards the end of the level, the pirate ship will start firing cannons into the sky, make sure you dive below them and then pull up.

After the battle with the ship ends follow the line of banana’s.

Once you reach the bonus level collect all the coins and banana’s , make sure you stick around to see what the bonus rewards you with for collecting all the coins and banana’s.

Level 2-4: Cannon Cluster walkthrough

After picking up the DK barrel to get Diddy, jump over a Jellybob to land on a pier and blow a flower.

After crossing the pier we need to pound the piling once again to reveal another.

Jump onto a stone and into a barrel. The barrel will shoot you to the bonus level, collect all those coins and banana’s.

Pound on the snaps trap to reveal the next puzzle piece.

Whilst you are pounding on the snaps trap watch out for those flying cannons!

Once you have open the chest and collected your coin, move back right and left to collect the O block.

Head to the left passing the checkpoint.

This next section is a tough one, you need to be patient and time your barrel shootings., as you can see there are cannons flying all over the place.

Level 2-5: Stormy Shore

Head to the right, climbing up the grassy wall.

As you make your way up the grassy wall, collect any coins and banana’s you might find.

Grabbing and throwing the DK barrel to retrieve Diddy, pound near the trap door and it will take you to down into a pit.

Using the exit to leave the bonus room you will then pass the checkpoint.

Jump into the floating barrel in the water, waiting until it is pointed straight up, shooting yourself up.

As you continue further on into this level you will come across more debris. Make sure you pick up any goodies along the way.

After you enter the grotto, climb up the grassy wall to the top, watching out for any little critters on your way up.

At the top of the grotto there will be a treasure chest.

Climb down the other side of the wall where there will be several treasure chests.

Climbing down the wall will take you to several treasure chests, pick up the barrel and throw it at the centre of the area. When you hit the bag another chest will drop down pound it and coins and banana’s will pour out.

After passing the third checkpoint you will come to some more wreckage, jump on the Squidlys to get to the upper platforms.

Level 2-6: Blowhole Bound walkthrough

Once you have made your way past the platform, collect the banana’s and hearts. Pound the trap door will drop you into a barrel that will shoot you off to the bonus level.

The main part of this level requires you to ride on a whales back, jumping on the whales back and pounding near the anchor in the whales blow hole will free the whale.

The whale will drop you off on a island. Make sure you take care of any little pesky critters running around the island.

After you have shot through some barrels you will arrive on a platform, as the whale swims underneath the platforms they will fall into the water, so move quickly.

Get back onto the whale, there will be some snaps ahead so make sure you are prepared and jump quickly!

Carry on riding the whale until you reach the last platform. Jump off onto the platform hitting the barrel to end the level.

Level 2-7: Tidal Terror walkthrough

This level can be a tough one, as the waves are crashing against the shore, after making your way to the treasure chest and collecting what is inside. Grouch behind the rock until the wave has hit the rock. Then RUN to the right.

Stop behind the rocks, use them as protection from the waves.

As you come across some open areas look for a red button, pound them and a stone will appear acting as a shield from the waves.

You will eventually reach a cavern. Jump up and grab the grassy ceiling avoiding any Snaggles.

Once you have passed the checkpoint, enter a cavern, climbing along the ceiling until you reach a treasure chest .

Climbing along the ceiling and getting the DK barrel. Picking up Diddy if you don’t already have him.

Keep running to the right only taking cover behind the rocks until you reach the end!

Level 2-B: Pinchin’ Pirates walkthrough

You have reached this levels Boss Battle!

It can be a tricky one, first you need to defeat each pirate individually, if their claws are not up jump on them. Once you have gotten them to raise their claws pound the ground near them to flip them over, jump on the upside down part of the pirate to defeat them. (repeat this tactic with all pirates)

If you touch the claws when they are up you will lose a heart.

The second round will force you against all three pirates at once. They will stack on top of one another, wait until they raise their claws and knock into them.

All three of the pirates are facing down in the sand. Jump on all three to defeat them.

The toughest part is when you are facing all three pirates once again, they move faster towards you so you must be quick to jump over them.

After you knock them down once again, jumping on them when they are facing down in the sand to defeat them for the last time. Be patient, you have to get your timing right in this part of the boss battle, so you might lose some hearts.

Level 2-K: Tumblin’ Temple walkthrough