Donkey Kong Country Returns Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii)

Donkey Kong Country Returns walkthrough box artwork
This Donkey Kong Country Returns walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of cutscenes and gameplay for this Wii-exclusive reboot of the classic Rare platformer series by Metroid Prime developer Retro Studios.

Controlled by a group of evil Tikis, the animals in Donkey Kong Island have raided Donkey Kong’s Banana Hoard and stolen his stash of bananas – and he understandably wants them back!

Retro Studios brings Donkey Kong back a side-scrolling adventure with familiar characters and amazing levels that reignite the passion players had for the Super NES original. And For the first time ever, the franchise features the ability for two people to play together at the same time – one as Donkey Kong, one as Diddy Kong. You can navigate the levels separately or as one unit. Diddy Kong can ride on Donkey Kong’s back and hop off whenever he pleases, allowing novice players to ride on Donkey Kong’s back through more challenging areas of the game.

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Index of DKC Returns Guides

World 1: Jungle

Intro & Level 1-1: Jungle Hijinx walkthough

Moving left you will come to your first cave, here you can crouch down and blow on the fan flower, where a banana coin will appear.

After jumping to get the K block, head to your left, jumping over the tree tops. When you come to the gap, you must take a run to clear the gap and pick up the coin.

Heading to the right you will now come across some statues; mind out the way as they will collapse, you will see the third statue will not completely collapse pound them and see what they hide!

Keep going to the right and you will to meet some yellow gourds, after you have dealt with the gourds you will then drop down into an underground secret chamber where you can find a heart and a coin.

There will be three jumping frogoons in your way, timing your jumps so you can jump on them will knock them out of your way.

Making your way past the statues remember to stop and collect all those banana’s ,

Making your way over the gap, continuing over to the checkpoint and pick up the DK barrel, throwing it to pick up Diddy Kong.

Level 1-2: King of Cling Walkthrough

As you continue to the right, you will come across a large grassy wheel with a grassy edge. Jump and grab onto the edge using it to get to the up coming platforms.

You will come to a grassy ledge, grab onto the ledge and make your way across.

You will come to two bridges, pound the gourds in between the bridges, this will then reveal a barrel that will shoot you to an area in the background.

Once you have completed the bonus level and you are back on the main land the main part of this section , use the flower platform to jump and grab the grassy ledge.

After passing the checkpoint the level will go vertical. To get up these levels grab onto the grassy parts of the walls.

Once you have made it past the two wheel section, you will need to jump onto a flower that is helping you get to yet another grassy wheel.

Once you have continued up the level, watch out for the Tiki Zings. Make sure you watch there movements before you jump.

Level 1-3: Tree Top Bop walkthrough

You don’t need Diddy in this section but it does make things a lot easier, once you have the puzzle piece you must turn back and go the way you came. Continue on.

As you carry on through this level you will come to two wheels, remember to grab on to the grassy parts of the wheel.

Take your time when you are going to jump into the barrel. Take a couple of seconds before you take the jump!

Watch out for the frogoons, make sure to jump on top of them.

Just past the checkpoint there will be a trap door, pound the trap door and you will drop into an underground chamber.

Head to the left of the spikes and Awks, you must collect all the banana’s and the two coins before the timer runs out.

Whilst you are riding Rambi you can still use the platforms.

Jump across the tilting trees and platforms,timing of your jumps is important. If you don’t time your jumps you might not land on the tree.

As you keep going right, beware of the flaming Tiki up ahead.

Once you are inside the barrels they will turn for you, make sure you collect the balloons and coins.

Continue going right until you have collect all the items and have reached the end of the level.

Level 1-4: Sunset Shore Walkthrough

Make sure you pay close attention in this level as everything is silhouetted.

There are no colors to help you locate any prizes along the way.

Watch out when you reach the top! The ground will collapse.

Remember knock anything out of your way.

When you reach the platforms, pound them and move quickly as they wont stay straight for long!.

Once you have reached the last platform and completed the task, jump down and pound the ground. It will lead you to a hidden chamber.

At the end of the level there is also another hidden chamber to look out for it !

Level 1-5: Canopy Cannons Walkthrough

This level starts out pretty simple, and holds a lot of barrels.
Make sure you time your barrels as it is very important. In some cases if you don’t time your barrels you will not be able to pick up special goodies such as puzzle pieces and letters.

Once you have finished with the first barrel section and you are back on the ground there will be a trap door near some flowers to enter a bonus area.

Make sure you watch out for the frogoons Awks and Rawks in this level.

When you reach the barrel that shoots up and to the right, do don’t aim for the barrel. Aim for the banana at the top of the left hand path.

The hard part in this level is getting past the sleeping statues.
You must be quick otherwise the barrel will fall on top of you, as soon as you land in another barrel wait until is faces to the right and shoot to the next one.

Level 1-6: Cart Crazy Walkthrough

Move to your left into the ruins and collect your goodies.

Continuing to the right until you reach the large round DK platform, pound it to reveal a series of platforms.

At the bottom of the shaft jump into the DK barrel that will shoot you into a mine cart.

If you want to get the balloon you must jump onto the higher track past the checkpoint to be able to reach it.

Mind out for the gaps along the way, near the end of the level be ready to jump onto another set of tracks when they appear.

Level 1-B: Mugly’s Mound

Once you have completed all the first level sections it’s now time to take on the boss!

This is a dual to complete one world and unlock the next one.

Make sure you grab Diddy Kong from the barrel it will make life a lot easier and having his jet will come in handy.

Hover jump onto his back and give him a good thump, when he charges his spikes retract, use this opportunity to get a good hit on him.

If he swallows you, you will lose one of your hearts.

When he jumps into the air he will try and land on top of you, this the gap underneath him to roll. Jumping on his back to give him another hit.

Mugly will change color, this means he is getting faster and stronger so watch out!
His jumps and attacks will also be come a lot faster, so when he jumps make sure you time your rolls and attacks.

Once you have hit Mugly in the last round for the third time the battle is over.

Level 1-K: Platform Panic walkthrough

The Key Temples secret levels are unlocked by getting all the KONG letters on all the normal levels in a given world. Please refer to the KONG letters guide linked to in the index at the top of this page for details on how to find them.