Shenmue City announced as social game for Japanese phones and Yahoo Games Online platforms

20 November 2010
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Shenmue City artwork
Shenmue City has been officially announced as an upcoming Japanese social networking/mobile/online/net game according to Yu Suzuki (creator of the series), who also briefly discussed Shenmue 3 at a presentation on the new social game held in Akihabara Japan.

So what is Shenmue City? Here are the details, so far the game has only been announced for release in Japan via Yahoo Games online portal and Japanese mobile phones. This is essentially Shenmue Online.

  • Does not star the protagonist of previous games, Ryo Hazuki.
  • Will star the townspeople of Yokosuka, the setting of the first Shenmue.
  • Yokosuka will be the starting location, eventually players will get to travel to Hong Kong, as in Shenmue 2.
  • Players will fight bosses as well as other players.
  • There are three types of characters (classes): Kung Fu hand-to-hand fighters, Weapon-based Fighters and Magic Fighters.
  • The game will make use of characters, settings, themes and gameplay styles that will be familiar to fans.
  • As far as Shenmue 3 is concerned, this is what Suzuki stated when asked about it.

    “I feel like I want to make Shenmue 3 on par with the previous games, and there are many requests from the fans for it. Tens of thousands have petitioned for it, and I want to take charge of this series as best I can. However I wanted to try and make a social game, [something that didn’t exist as we know it now when the Shenmue games debuted].”

    Here is a video from the announcement.


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