Sly Cooper 4 officially announced with trailer

16 November 2010
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Sly Cooper 4 logo in Sly Collection (PS3) screenshot
Sly 4 has all but been confirmed thanks to a Sly Cooper 4 teaser trailer tucked deep inside the three-game compilation The Sly Collection which recently hit stores.

This teaser trailer doesn’t really reveal anything about the upcoming title, and it hasn’t actually been announced, but it’s hardly a surprise given the fact that developer Sucker Punch has chosen to re-release the game’s which was probably to drum up more interest in the cult-classics and get the series back on the minds of PlayStation 3 owners and new people who may have skipped the series back on the PS2.

You can apparently unlock the trailer by earning a Platinum Trophy by getting every other Trophy in the game.

Here is a leaked video of the Sly 4 teaser trailer.


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