Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet Achievements and Trophies guide (Xbox 360, PS3)

Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet screenshot
Our Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet Achievements & Trophies guide lists every Achievement & Trophy for this Xbox 360 and PS3 family-friendly brawler and tells you how to get them.


Earn the Achievement to get the corresponding amount of GamerPoints added to your GamerScore.

1. The Power Stone (15G) – Find the Power Stone.
2. The Rhythm Stone (15G) – Find the… Rhythm Stone?
3. The Mind Stone (15G) – Find the Mind Stone.
4. The Time Stone (15G) – Find the Time Stone.
5. The Soul Stone (15G) – Find the Soul Stone.
6. The Space Stone (15G) – Find the Space Stone.
7. The Reality Stone (15G) – Find the Reality Stone.
8. Stark Certified (15G) – Complete Iron Man’s Heroic Feats.
9. Deadly Daring (15G) – Complete Black Widow’s Heroic Feats.
10. Slice N Dice (15G) – Complete Wolverine’s Heroic Feats.
11. T-Rex Nino (15G) – Complete Reptil’s Heroic Feats.
12. The Hulkster (15G) – Complete Hulk’s Heroic Feats.
13. Law and Order (15G) – Complete She-Hulk’s Heroic Feats.
14. The Human Rocket (15G) – Complete Nova’s Heroic Feats.
15. Mightier Than Thou! (15G) – Complete Thor’s Heroic Feats.
16. Clearly Forceful (15G) – Complete Invisible Woman’s Heroic Feats.
17. Woman With Vision (15G) – Complete Scarlet Witch’s Heroic Feats.
18. Webslinger (15G) – Complete Spider-Man’s Heroic Feats.
19. Super Achiever! (100G) – Complete All Heroic Feats.
20. Speed Thrills (15G) – Complete Quicksilver’s Heroic Feats.
21. Flying High (15G) – Complete Falcon’s Heroic Feats.
22. Squad Initiate (30G) – Complete Story Mode on Easy Difficulty
23. Squad Member (50G) – Complete Story Mode on Normal Difficulty
24. Squad Hero (100G) – Complete Story Mode on Challenging Difficulty
25. Safety First (10G) – Defend the S.H.I.E.L.D. Building without losing a cooling vent.
26. Elite Hack Master (20G) – Complete every Hack challenge.
27. Robo Racer (20G) – Complete every Race challenge.
28. Challenge Master (100G) – Complete every challenge.
29. You’ve got the Super Power! (10G) – Collect all Power Stone Fragments.
30. You Are Feeling the Rhythm! (10G) – Collect all Rhythm Stone Fragments.
31. Time Management! (10G) – Collect all Time Stone Fragments.
32. Mind Over Mind Fragments! (10G) – Collect all Mind Stone Fragments.
33. The Soul of A Hero! (10G) – Collect all Soul Stone Fragments.
34. Shiny Space Fragments! (10G) – Collect all Space Stone Fragments.
35. Reality Fragmented! (10G) – Collect all Reality Stone Fragments.
36. Fragment Collector (50G) – Collect all Infinity Stone Fragments.
37. Heroic Attack! (5G) – Perform a Heroic attack.
38. Heroic Hero! (15G) – Defeat six or more enemies with a single heroic attack.
39. Deflected! (5G) – Reflect an enemies attack back at them.
40. Take That, Villain! (15G) – Defeat an enemy with a parry.
41. Super Hero Up! (10G) – Revive a teammate.
42. Super Revive Hero (15G) – Revive a teammate 10 times.
43. Hero Punch (5G) – Break through the defenses of a defending enemy.
44. Secret Achievement (15G) –
45. Secret Achievement (15G) –
46. Secret Achievement (15G) –
47. Secret Achievement (15G) –
48. Secret Achievement (10G) –
49. Secret Achievement (10G) –


Earn Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Trophies to increase your Gamer Level.