200 Million people play Facebook Games

200 million people play Facebook Games
Facebook Games now has over 200 million people playing videogames via the worlds most popular social networking site. A whopping TWO HUNDRED MILLION! That is NOT a small number.

This was revealed in the latest Facebook Gaming event where Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that games on facebook are now a primary focus for the company as it is one of the main core reasons that people visit the site in the first place, with 40% of the userbase taking part in social gaming. The top ten games on Facebook have more than 12 million users each.

The conference was about how the company can build on that to make gaming even more streamlined and accessible, but at the same time how to make games and alerts more friendly for those who DON’T play games. As nearly half of respondants say that games are one of the main things they HATE about Facebook. And yet, it’s also one of the main reasons people visit the site.

The obvious culprit are non-gamers of a certain App getting way too many notifications and alerts for games that they don’t play, so that whole process will be streamlined in the future.

Here’s the outline of what will be improved soon on Facebook (via TechCrunch):

  • Smarter bookmarks. Sorting bookmarks by actual usage. Relevance = number of days in the last 30 days that you’ve used an application. Will always be core set of services at the top (FB services) and then personalized set of features based on what the user often users.
  • Stronger reengagement channel Using blue bubbles as notifications instead of just grey text. Will make it more apparent to users.
  • Moving game requests from bottom right area of requests module, to be part of the same left sidebar.
  • Ability to retract requests.
  • Will start targeting shared stories to only users playing the same game (this is big) — no more spam about cows that you don’t care about. For users that aren’t playing a game, Facebook will show ‘Discovery Stories’. “Everett and Joey are playing Social Chess”, but you won’t see their every move.
  • Making viral loops more frictionless with policy changes.
  • Do you play Facebook games?

    Via TechCrunch