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6 November 2010
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Call of Duty: Black Ops walkthrough – Mission 11: WMD

Strike at the heart of Project Nova, deep behind enemy lines.

Tip: Using a launcher like the china lake, can quickly clear a room ahead, and it has a much quicker reload time, than other more heavy duty types like the m202.

First you must locate your team. Four soldiers located north of the camera.

There are a group of soldiers smoking up ahead. By pressing the jump button when the camera sights them, your soldiers will take them out automatically when ordered.

Using a launcher like the china lake, can quickly clear a room ahead, and it has a much quicker reload time, than other more heavy duty types like the M202. Watch out for your team you don’t want to shoot them by mistake.

Focus on the enemies up front (use grenades, it makes life a lot easier).

To complete the first part of this mission you must plant C4 again a large wall head for cover and watch it blow.

Mission 11: WMD Part 2

Tip: When moving to cover try sprinting then press to go prone and you will slide into cover.

Next you must follow Weaver, move to the railing and hurl yourself up following your team up the stairs.

You and Weaver take one enemy each with a crossbow. You will now encounter 6 targets.
* The first target is a soldier covered in snow. You have to take him down before he reaches his destination.
* The second target are two soldiers fixing a truck, you must shoot one of them with a crossbow.
* The third target is another group of soldiers working on a truck you take one down and Weaver takes the other.
* The fourth target you must move through where the third target was taken down. First wait for Weaver to get into position and you must fire at the soldier on the left hand side.
* Target five is the hardest of them all, there are three soldiers located in this target, one is inside, one is on the rood and one is paroling.
* Target number six is patrolling the stair well. Use your silencer to take him out.

Remember to always look out for your team mates (take their backs whenever is possible). When the coast is clear you must now disable the comm room satellite use your objective indicators to help you disable the satellite.

As you have now headed outside, the enemy has triggered an avalanche, sprint to the ledge follow the object indicator to help your escape. As you land, you see some soldiers preparing some bombs. Take out the truck and watch it explode undercover.

Call of Duty: Black Ops walkthrough – Mission 12: Payback

Torture at the hands of the enemy only feeds the hunger for revenge.

Tip: Smaller weapons or those without scopes, make fighting within a building much easier, remember that when making your way through tight corridors.

Mission 12: Payback Part 2

Tip: Don’t forget to use your grenades, you can’t use them if you’re dead.

As Woods goes right and you go left, be ready to take out the enemies that will drop into the tunnels ahead. Stay low in the tunnels, using your spray and your AK to make a clear path, search the next room for an Olympia shot gun to replace your AK-47. Continue up the tunnel using your grenades as they make a great room clearer (or tunnel in this case). Eventually you will meet up with Woods, moving forwards you will kill the enemies. Remember use your grenades if things get mental!

When you have helped Woods get out of the tunnels look for the chopper. Like the boat before, you control the entire chopper!
* Your first chopper target is a clear wooden bridge up ahead.
* Next will be a large V.C. village destroy it using the missiles. Keep your eyes open for the boating firing below.
* The next target you need to focus on the PT boats, shortly after you arrive on this target mission your first target helicopter will arrive.
* Once you start hearing the alarms going, you must swerve to the left and right trying to avoid the rockets continue to your objective marker.
* Five is the easy one. Shoot at the pipe line with a missile.
* The sixth target is the largest. You need to destroy all targets before you are able to continue on your mission.
* Your final target is to take out the two hind’s, use your missiles to take these down. It might take some doing but keep at it ! (keep the copper moving at all times, this doesn’t allow the enemy chopper to lock onto your chopper to launch a missile)

At the landing base you will be able to stock up on some weapons.

As you proceed follow Woods, remembering to take cover and using your long distance weapon to take down the oncoming enemies. Follow on with Woods but be careful and look out for on-coming enemies (there will be more enemies inside the caves entrance). Follow Reznov into the next set of caves, the last room is jam packed full of enemies. Stay hidden behind the crates and use grenades to allow your team to move forward. Be patient, there are three waves of enemies so stay hidden until your team moves forward.

Call of Duty: Black Ops walkthrough – Mission 13: Rebirth

The plot unfolds in some serious twists and turns now, was it really Reznov that killed the Dr.?

Stay out of the light, if you are spotted you will fail the mission.

Keep following Reznov, once he opens the elevator hatch switch to your KS-23 and kill the enemies and the scientist down below.

You need to be very patient in this section, until your enemies stop firing I would not advise you move forward. If you do you will be overrun by enemies.

You must clear the first three rooms to get into the gas chamber, remember to kill the rest of the enemies before you enter.

Mission 13: Rebirth Part 2

Your gas mask can only take a certain amount of damage, so be careful, get hit one to many times and you will die due to the nova 6 gas.

Using the vehicle as an advantage you are able to throw grenades at the enemies. Press the fire button to throw them.

You are now in a giant cloud of Nova 6, which is a big disadvantage, as it will not let you heal like you do in the rest of the game. Be sure you stay out of trouble and try not take any damage. After you put on the hazmat suit, you will be able to run forward and jump into the jeep. — Further on you will spot a friendly helicopter that gets taken down. Here you much look for a Strella 3 rocket launcher. Then lock on two the two enemy choppers and take cover.

Move through the gate and use the crates as cover from the enemy. Keep an eye out for enemies on the rooftops. Keep undercover. Slowing moving forward into the entrance of the building. (watch out for two soldiers will be hiding behind the green desk) throw a grenade to take out the desk.

Finally you will reach the experiment chamber, all the enemies are located on the bottom floor. When Weaver moves follow him to complete the level.

Mission 13: Rebirth Part 3

Now for the real truth, it’s time to find out who was behind all this.

Call of Duty: Black Ops walkthrough – Mission 14: Revelations

The truth can be frightening especially when you find out what has been happening.

Call of Duty: Black Ops walkthrough – Mission 15: Payback

During the huge helicopter firefight be careful of friendly troops, nobody likes a team killer and the level will go back to the last checkpoint.

Tip: If you find your aim is a bit unsteady, try turning off the vibration function of your controller.

Mission 15: Payback Part 2
Payback a dish best served cold and hard. This time around Dragovich won’t get away, and you will make sure of that.

Seven targets will light up on your HUB you must take these down, with an anti-aircraft firing position. There will be 8 more targets to take out on the ships stern, take these down with gunners and missile launchers. Let your team move up the ship and take on the enemies on the deck.

Now you need to move you chopper to fire at the targets down below. Follow your team to the front of the ship. Remember, if you hear the missile alarm going dodge the rockets! Don’t worry Weaver is in the clear.

After you have landed the chopper, run over to the crates and use them to hide from the enemy. Creeping behind the crates you can stay low and fire, making progress with the enemy team. There are some Valkyrie missiles lying on the floor (they’re highlighted) run over to them and change them for a Mac 11 weapon. Use the missiles to take down the enemy choppers. Use the rest of the rockets to take down the enemies, then switch back to your FAMAS. Once they are down you can now proceed towards the front of the deck. Using the crates as cover once again take down the enemy with your FAMAS.

Follow Hudson inside the ship. Mason must now swim towards the objective marker.

The final moments of the game will be spent in a one on one battle with Dragovich!

Congrats! The Black Ops are over and done, mission achieved!

Please comment if you have mission tips or need help anywhere.
It will help us improve this COD: Black Ops walkthrough. 🙂


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