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6 November 2010
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Call of Duty: Black Ops walkthrough – Mission 6: The Defector

At the height of the TET offensive, enter the MACV building to secure vital intelligence on Soviet plans for the region.

Tip: Throwing a grenade or flash bang into a room before entry, is standard military procedure, so why not use these real life tactics in your game.

Mission 6: The Defector Part 2

Tip: Using a pistol with a well aimed shot can often result in a one shot kill.

You must kill any Vietnamese soldiers that get in your way, as you go further into the building Bowman will rappels down in front of you. Give him some support, as you get an update on your sitrep. As you continue through the office some civilians will be held hostage. As you approach this room try and avoid shooting the civilians. For better aim switch to your commando rifle. Remember to use your grenades to help clear the areas.

Once you have finished clearing the area, move over to the far door to activate a breach. There is another breach door, follow Woods and he will lead you there. As you move outside there will be a soldier with a radio Hold down your interacting button and you will be able to call on airstrikes. Your first airstrike will be the building to your left hand side. Remember to stay behind cover and wait for your move-out order (you are now able to call in airstrikes as you please, you can do this by pressing the D-pad).

When most of the buildings are on fire call on a second airstrike to take out the final building at the end of the street. Do not follow too close, as there will be debris from the explosion. An NVA tank will appear take it down with yet another airstrike attack.

You are now once again meeting up with Reznov, kill the 5 NVA that arrive to depends the ZSU, when it is clear move out and plant the C4 to blow out the floor.

Since the chopper does not have enough space for everyone, you must set up a defence until the chopper can return for the second load of people. Mason must quickly place claymores in the northeast direction (you only have a short period of time before the battle starts). Remember that the returning tank will not be affected by any weapons you target it with (until you are able to use your airstrike).

Call of Duty: Black Ops walkthrough – Mission 7: Numbers

Investigate the extent of project Nova by interrogating one of Dragovich’s former associates.

Tip: You can return an enemy grenade if you have time, follow the on screen prompts, just dont take to long, or it may take your arm off before you can throw it back.

Mission 7: Numbers Part 2

Tip: Swapping out for smaller more compact weapons, allows for faster movement in close quarters.

Climb the stairs and kill the agent in the window. You much follow Clarke and Weaver keep close to them. After you make the jump wait for the Doctor to move the refrigerator to open up the weapon stash. Switch to your short range weapon and stick behind the doctor. Beware of any enemies that may jump out at you. There is also a flashbang down the hall use this as an advantage and fire blind trying to kill your enemies.

Further along you will come across an area that is completely mental! But hang in there and take as much cover as you can find. Be sure to kill all the enemies before you leave the area.

Weaver goes over the top of the building, rather than following him; proceed to the lower left roof area using your short range weapon to kill any enemies you encounter. After you reach your objective point go down the stairs, clear the area so you can move safely forward.

Continue following the doctor, but be careful as there is a gap in the rooftops. The Doctor will destroy his lab to prevent Nova 6 falling into the wrong hands. Make sure you stock up on ammo. Follow the Doctors instructions and the objective markers to get to the other apartment. It will take approximately thirty seconds for the doctor to pick the lock, once the door is open follow the doctor out the door. You will have to save the doctor.

Call of Duty: Black Ops walkthrough – Mission 8: Project Nova

Learn of the origins of Project Nova.

Tip: Smoke grenades will provide you with cover, while making a run for safer more robust firing position, as bullets can penetrate weaker items like crates.

Mission 8: Project Nova Part 2

Tip: To move quietly use your crouch, this can help you move undetected and makes you a smaller target.

Mission 8: Project Nova Part 3

Tip: Be on the look out for special weapons like the G11 an experimental rifle from the 1970’s.

After you have taken care of the bridge, the next area is heavily filled with German Soldiers. You now have the advantage of smoke grenades and to call in mortar strikes. Use your new mortar grenade to take out the next bridge. Take cover behind the snow hills and throw a mortar smoke grenade, as you see the flying bodies you now know its time to move on.

Remember as you’re moving towards your objective to keep low and take cover so you are not detected by the enemy. Stay clear of the machine gun, you are unable to disarm it the first time round.

As you have cleared the next area, move towards the rocket which is marked with an objective indicator. Once you have interacted, you have three minutes to exit the ship before it goes BOOM!

Now you must shoot the highlighted beam that marks your exit route, be aware there are two special operatives at the end of the hall. Take them out by spraying them. Also shoot the British operatives climbing up the ship, there is an explosive barrel which will make your life a lot easier.

Call of Duty: Black Ops walkthrough – Mission 9: Victor Charlie

Search for evidence of Soviet presence within the villages of Northern Vietnam.

Tip: Flashbang grenades make room clearance much easier, stunned enemies cant shoot back for a while.

Mission 9: Victor Charlie Part 2

Tip: When using a sniper rifle, don’t forget to breath in to steady your aim.

After killing the soldiers on the cliff its now time to head towards the boat, when you get near the boat dive under be sure to stay under water until you reach the boat, if you don’t you will encounter an immediate fail. As you approach the boat press the melee button to finish off the V.C on-board. After you have placed your lot of C4 follow Woods back to the docks. Remembering to stay low at all times. Use your knife to take down the rice eating guards.

As you dive back into the river there will be an indicated area where you will need to place some semtex, swim back upstream hiding under the boats until you see the floating dead bodies.

Once you hear the order, Mason must pull the detonator. Since you have caught the enemies off guard, take them out in amongst the trees.

When Woods orders you onwards, take down the few enemies, this should be no problem what so ever, then proceed onwards into the tunnels. You will now follow Reznov deeper into the tunnels, when you take the lead be careful as there will be many enemies up ahead (they appear relatively quickly so be on guard at all times). When you make it to Kravchenko’s room be sure to make a run for it once the door is open.

Call of Duty: Black Ops walkthrough – Mission 10: Crash Site

Journey by river into Laotian territory, in search of Dragovich’s compound.

Tip: Having trouble shooting? The chest area is the largest part of the human body, so aim there first. A bigger target is always easier to hit.

Mission 10: Crash Site Part 2

Tip: Some mounted machine guns overheat quickly, so use short burst of fire to keep it cool.

The key to this level is do not rush. You can take down the enemies from the boat with a primary weapon. There is a meter below the bottom right hand corner this shows the guns heat level.

As you have cleared the first village, there will be three targets that light up, hang back and blow up the trucks using your rocket launcher.

For the second village you much focus on destroying the structures on your right hand side, once you have destroyed the structures make sure to have a look for anyone that got away.

You will see an objective marker. Fire ahead and watch the truck explode!

Tip: Remember if you encounter any damage, hang back and wait for the red ring of dead to disappear.

Once you have finished destroying the targets from the river, you will get two more objectives appear on your HUD. Before you head on to destroy them, take on the second round of enemy boats approaching from the river. As you approach the last check point on the river, a PT boat will approach you. You need to shoot at that ships engine to take down the PT boat…

As you approach the crash site, take cover behind the rocks, keeping low and desecrate. After the first two waves of soldiers have been taken care of, be aware more enemies will make their way out of the jungle. As the enemy chopper drops off more soldiers, hide behind the rocks and take cover, keep a look out. Using your flash grenades to shock your enemies.

You have now reached your main target (the crashed spy plane) be careful as the plane’s wing shifts as you get on it. Once you are in the back of the plane, Woods and Bowman will investigate a crate. Take the China lake gun from the crate. Use your China lake to take out approaching enemies. Be careful as there will be two enemy boats approaching. You are also able to take them out using your China Lake.


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