Call of Duty Black Ops Walkthrough Video Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii)

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Our Call of Duty: Black Ops walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of cutscenes and gameplay for this highly anticipated latest entry in the hit FPS war series on Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Wii.

Hear the call of duty once again with this seventh entry in this blockbuster first-person shooter franchise. Call of Duty: Black Ops takes you deep behind enemy lines into the world of deniable operations as a member of an elite special forces unit engaging in covert warfare, classified operations, and explosive conflicts across the globe. With access to a variety of exclusive weaponry and equipment, your actions will tip the balance during the most dangerous time period mankind has ever known.

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Please note that viewers must be at least 18 to watch, as the rating is M for Mature.

Call of Duty: Black Ops walkthrough – Intro and Mission 1: Operation 40

Operation 40: Undertake a daring assassination attempt during the Bay of Pigs invasion.

For Mason things start to heat up, when police enter you must wait until your team makes their first move, follow the on-screen instructions to take out the first enemy. As the police that made their way into the bar are now dead, you must head outside through the door. After you have taken down the police head down the street, you will now be given on screen instructions to guide you (using the grenade launcher on your rifle).

Your next mission is pretty easy, you must stay undercover and undetected as much as possible in the mission. Remember: FOLLOW YOUR TEAM!
Finally you will then need to jump into the car, as this mission comes to a close it will finally end with Mason once again in the interrogation room.

As you start infiltrating the compound you will gain control back, follow the on screen instructions to the zip line. Zip line down to the compound below, perform a melee attack on the soldier using the radio and continue on with the mission. At the top of the stairs you will see a building to your left. Follow Woods and Bowman as they approach the door gun down the soldiers and take cover quickly to the right.

Mission 1: Operation 40 Part 2

Tip: When reloading make sure you do it in cover, you could save yourself a lot of deaths.

As you go through the dining room try and stick close to Woods, remember to check out all the time for extra soldiers. (The bedroom and the hallway.) Now you have cleared the room, Woods will kick down the door, This will now give you a slow motion sequence which will allow you to shoot Castro’s face.

Leave through the door to the left, (the door that gets blown open). Grab as much cover as possible since there will be swarms of soldiers coming through the doors ahead. Be careful as the soldiers at the end of the hallway are hard to see.

Before you head down the stairs, check for a bedroom on the right, just near where Bowman came to rejoin you. Here you should be able to find it attached to an alcove inside the bedroom, check the top of the dresser for the tape recorder.

Since you are taking on heavy fire with the enemy (and more are arriving in trucks) wait for the trucks to come to a stop and take them out with a RPG to take out the 50 calibre gun. Following on with Woods and Bowman through the sugarcane fields, keeping following on until you come across a broken wall, repel down and you will come across a hanger which you will need to enter.

Your mission now from the door of the plane, is to take out the enemies who are trying to prevent you from taking off. You will see some ref barrels, and also look for anything mechanical. Shooting these will trigger an explosion and will take out the nearby enemies and their trucks.

As you approach the runway Mason will jump out. All he needs to do is aim at the road blocks to clear the runway then the plane will be able to take off.

Call of Duty: Black Ops walkthrough – Mission 2: Vorkuta

Escape from Vorkuta; a brutal Soviet Labor Camp in northern Russia.

Tip: When aiming down your sights, line up the torso of your enemy to ensure a clean shot.

Mission 2: Vorkuta Part 2

Tip: Be on the look out for enemy weapons that may have very powerful attachments, these can turn a battle in your favor quickly.

In the start of this mission you either have the choice to save the prisoners or leave them, you must look out for people with welding pipes, you need to get them with your knife or you will face the consequences! There are a lot of dead-ends in this level, you really don’t need to take any notice of them. However, do watch out at all times for guards, if you come into contact with them kill them as they are a threat towards you.

After the guard id dealt with there should be a pistol around on the floor, as the door opens all hell breaks loose. You will now have a follower located on your screen (He will have follower written in yellow above his head.) This character is Reznov. You must follow him behind the coal cart. Use your pistol to shoot at the enemies trying to flank at your position. Open the gate and proceed to the next part of the complex.

It takes some time for Sergei to break down the door so in the mean time follow Reznov up stairs, as you carry on up the stairs to the top of the tower. You will come across 2 prisoners that have made a make shift sling. Mason’s job here is to fire flaming Movoltos at the surrounding buildings. You have to take out three targets to complete your mission.

As you make your way down the stairs Sergei has finally opened the door with his bare hands. You must now pick up a shotgun and head back downstairs. Some guards will come out of the alleyways, be careful as these guards are armed with AK-47’s, as you kill them you should grab an AK-47 to replace your pistol.

When you make your way around the first corer you will see an attack helicopter, this is known as the “winged beast” in Reznov’s code. Your task… To take town the chopper. You must now keep your main focus on the guards on the ground, shoot at the truck until it explodes. Remember that there is a chopping flying overhead so take cover.

Reznov is inside, run to the door with the objective marker, you must now follow him upstairs and back outside.

As you move into the armoury keep your eyes open for an AK-47 with a grenade launcher, switch to this and follow on with the prisoners.
There are enemies here so why not try out your newly found AK-47 with grenade launcher to take them out!
But that is not the last of them, make sure you stay behind and take cover. (maybe test out your launcher again to take the enemies out once again) use the stairs for cover, the stairs will keep you out of firing range.

Now the door has closed on you make sure you sprint across the room to the glass area (take cover). Press your interact button to complete this mission.

You must now follow Reznov once again up the stairs keeping a close eye open for more enemies as you approach the top of the stair.
Now you have killed all the soldiers as usual more will appear, once you have killed them Reznov will run off with his Blowtorch, you must now look out for him as he uses the blowtorch to enter the armoury, stay behind Reznov and crouch firing at the guards. After a minute or so Reznov will finally break through to the armoury. Hide inside the armoury and grab hold of the death machine placed on the bench.

Downstairs there are a few guards standing next to their trucks, use a mini-gun to take out the trucks and the soldiers.

Protip: Always be aware of the enemies, blow up the red barrels to blow up nearby enemies and stop reinforcements coming in that direction.

Yes the mini-gun has a large impact, but remember you are not invincible. As you turn the corner you will see a transport truck, you must blow it up by firing into the trucks engine.

Your last objective will be swarmed by guards, you must kill them by denoting the truck and making sure you take down any guards that have escaped.

When you have woken up, make your way to a motorcycle and peruse your escape. Follow your on-screen instructions to learn how to drive your motorcycle. To complete this mission you must successfully jump to finish this level.

Call of Duty: Black Ops walkthrough – Mission 3: U.S.D.D.

Back on US soil, meet with senior officials to discuss the threat posed by General Dragovich.

Tip: Sprinting between cover is a must to ensure your safety.

Call of Duty: Black Ops walkthrough – Mission 4: Executive Order

Infiltrate the Baikonur Cosmodrome and eliminate Dragovich and the Ascension scientists.

Tip: When attacking from a distance you can use the sound of rifle fire and muzzle flash as an indicator of the enemies direction.

Mission 4: Executive Order Part 2

Tip: Certain Barrels can explode, others are filled with napalm and need to be set off using your tac knife.

When moving up stairs utilise the natural cover they provide, to make entry into rooms much safer, you can also lure enemies in by popping your head up, and then running back down.

In this mission you will be placed with the same team you had in Cuba. First we need to follow Woods, As there are choppers overhead you need to stay undercover. Now that you are disguised as a soviet soldier it makes things a lot easier. You much stay near your team as you enter the base.

After the doors have opened, your cover is broken, and you must kill the few enemies with your pistol. They are located on the bottom floor. Move into the crouching position slowing up the staircase, as usual the second floor is bombarded with enemies. Finish them off by throwing a grenade. When the second floor is clear move up to the third (it’s not as bad as the second floor) climb the ladder to the roof, there will be an enemy straight ahead, run up and melee him and shoot the other.

Woods will now hand you a special crossbow that contains electric bolts. You can use this to blow the enemy vehicles up. You must now use the objective marker to find out where you need to shoot the zip line. You are now back in your special ops uniform, you must now follow Woods, but be careful to stay up top otherwise it will result in an immediate mission fail.

Remember to stay low and look out for enemies. When you reach the next section watch out for enemies behind the crates, as you peer around the corner take out the enemies with your MP5K, watch out for more enemies coming out on your left hand side.

Move in near the C4 outline and hold own your interact button. Back up into the stairs and fire a hole into the wall.

Head back outside and there will be a rocket launcher located next to Woods. Remember the first time will be hard but you need to aim the rocket straight up into the air. Remember you only get one shot at this, however even if fail the most recent check point is only a tiny bit before you blew a hole in the wall.

Remember, as you go further into the tunnels to cover Woods from gunfire, look out for grenade indicators.

In the next tunnel you much approach it carefully as it is filled with Soviets. This is a very tricky level as the enemies are very accurate with their aims. The best way to get through this mission is to push forward and take cover! Look out for rooms down the hallway, as there may be soldiers that will appear.

Call of Duty: Black Ops walkthrough – Mission 5: S.O.G.

Head to Vietnam and work with old allies to investigate Soviet presence in the region.

Tip: Be careful of soldiers that can suddenly appear, from hidden positions like rat holes or empty barns.

Mission 5: S.O.G. Part 2

Tip: The AK47 offers some of the best balance as an all round assault rifle, but be sure to swap weapons often to find your favorite.

Change to your M60, it’s now your job to kick down the napalm barrels out in the field. As you move around the corner use your M60 to take out the enemy soldiers, and keep following your marker.

When you get to the detonation switch, use your interaction button to pick it up, but remember do not detonate it until Woods gives you the order. Once you have got the order from Woods, shoot any remaining enemies that survived the blast. Remember, there is a second detonator that needs to be activated.

Tip: As you are following Woods, have a look out for more weapons such as LAW rockets, M14, A China Lake, and a shotgun.

Your next objective is one people often forget about and get stuck at, you have to remember to run down to the napalm barrels at the bottom of the hill. Focus on your enemies near the barrels, and as soon as it’s clear run down the barrels switching to your lighter weapon and interacting, as a result you kick the barrels down the hill.

Your next objective is a hard one, as there is enemy after enemy. Try and get to the top of the hill as fast as you can (using the right hand path). As Woods gets ahead, follow behind with caution. Take as much cover as possible and continue pushing on towards the objective marker on your screen. As you move further on in the mission you will come across highlighted tanks, you much take out the highlighted tanks and make sure there is nothing in your line of fire.