Fable 3 Silver and Gold Keys Locations Guide (Xbox 360)

Silver Keys

Catacombs (Bowerstone Castle)

Silver Key #1

This key will be found just after you enter the Catacombs from the Castle. It will be in front of some ruins to the left before you cross the bridge to continue on through the Catacombs.

Dweller Camp

Silver Key #2

When you return to the camp you will find that the gate to Sabine’s inner camp is open. This is after completing their quest. Enter Sabine’s camp and then look behind the wagon on the right to find the key.

Mistpeak Valley

Silver Key #3

The key is behind the pile of logs near the clear area on the banks of the lake. This is downhill from the Demon Door and right near the entrance to the Mercenary Camp.

Silver Key #4

Head to Mistpeak Monorail Station entrance and follow the path to the right of it which leads up a hill. It will be at the top of the hill overlooking a city and valley.

Brightwall Village

Silver Key #5

You will find this key beneath the small stone archway that is near the Spurious Nuttock house owned by John outside of the village. It is also just across from the Brightwall main bridge.

Silver Key #6

You will find this key to the left of the entrance to Brightwall Academy. It will be behind the rocks between the Academy and the Two-Knock house.

Silver Key #7

You will find this key behind the Bernard and Patsy’s House which is near the chicken coop. It’s called the House of Cluck. You will need to circle around their house to the left to find it.

Reliquary (Brightwall Village)

Silver Key #8

You will find this key just shortly after you have jumped into the water. You will come across a walkway with 6 unlit cauldrons by a locked door. Use your fireball spell to lite this to open the door. If you do not have the fireball spell equipped, just quickly travel to the sanctuary and then back. The key will be behind this locked door.

Silver Key #9

You will find this key just shortly after finding Silver Key #8. It will be up a path that splits into 2 paths, take the path on the right which leads to a chest near the rocky ledge. This area will be familiar as you past it from the other side earlier. Once you reach the top, you will need to pull a lever and then defeat all of the enemies that show up.

Then after you have defeated them, you will see that a new staircase has been added to the platform area that you were on earlier. Jump down to that area and proceed up to the area above you to get this key right before the ledge and by the sarcophagus.

Mercenary Camp

Silver Key #10

You will find this key under the watchtower at the top of the hill before the wolf cages. This is the last watchtower before the Saker’s inner sanctum.

The Hole (Millfields)

Silver Key #11

You will find this key behind the rack of barrels along the far wall when you follow the cart tracks down the hill from the monorail wreckage to the storage area.

Silver Key #12

You will first need to enter the Millfields Monorail Station and then go into the southeast corner of The Hole. Then climb the stairs to the monorail platform to find the key at the far left side.

Silver Key #13

You will need to find and use the Technician’s Key to unlock the gate beyond the monorail wreckage and then head up the stairs and along the path above to reach the area that over looks the arena. This area overlooking the arena will have the key just before the rocky edge. There will also be hobbes to defeat in this area.

You can find the Technician’s Key just after the arena on the first path to your left that leads all the way down to below the side of the arena. It will be in the chest. The beginning of this video shows where you can find the Technician’s Key.