Fable 3 Silver and Gold Keys Locations Guide (Xbox 360)

Fable 3 Silver Key Location Screenshot
Our Fable 3 Silver and Gold Keys Locations Guide shows the total of 50 Silver and 4 Gold Keys to be found in the Xbox 360 game.

By collecting all 50 Silver and 4 Gold Keys (54 Overall) you will unlock the I Am The Keymaster Achievement worth 30 Gamerscore.

There is a map in the Sanctuary and inside of the war room in the Castle that you can use to see how many keys are in an area. This map will list a table of collectibles in the area that you select on the map.

Silver Keys are the easiest to collect versus the 4 Gold Keys as they require you to complete a puzzle.

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Gold Keys

Gold Key #1: Driftwood

You first need to complete the following quests: An Island Getaway, Pest Control and Gift Wood for Driftwood. Then leave the Driftwood area and visit it again shortly later to allow the carpenter to work and then go over to the island camp. Then use the new bridge that has been built to reach the flit switch on the small island and then hit it.

You will know when it is complete when you get the Island Paradise Achievement worth 10 Gamerscore.

Start running after each flit switch and either shooting it with your gun, power or hitting it with your weapon. Once you reach the gate, warp through it to the path near the entrance of Driftwood to grab the key.

Gold Key #2: Mistpeak Valley

This key will be on a ledge not far from the Demon Door. In order to reach it however, you will need to go through Chillbreath Caverns at the entrance uphill from the Mistpeak Monorail Station.

Once you are inside of the cavern, head along the path until you reach the point where you can either go downhill to the ice or uphill, go uphill and keep going straight until you reach the end of the cave. Along the way you will fight some hobbes and mercenaries. When you exit the cave, the key will be right there in the ruins overlooking the valley.

Gold Key #3: Shifting Sands

You will find this key when you return to the City of Aurora after defeating the darkness on your anniversary as Ruler of Albion. Once you have, locate a man near the tattooist and purchase the Ancient Key for 4,000 gold.

This key will unlock a door in the far northwest corner of the Shifting Sands area. Head there and cross the desert towards Shadelight and head towards the left to find a narrow staircase behind the ruins at the corner of the desert.

The Crossroads of Passing consists of a large room with floating panels that rise up from the abyss when the correct triangular switch is stepped on. If you step on an incorrect switch this will trigger enemies to appear. Continue to make your way through this area to the alcove on the left and stand on the floor plate to light the 2 cauldrons that make a set of floating panels rise into position. Then head back the way you came from and go to the alcove on the right side of the room. Afterwards collect the key.

Gold Key #4: The Veiled Path

Head to the back staircase at the rear of The Veiled Path and enter the small area on the right called The Enigma. The door above the stairs leads out of the sand. Hit the flit switch above the door at the end of the first room. Move your way through and defeat the enemies that attack you as well as collect a Green Aurorran Flower in the center of the room.

Return to the Sanctuary and equip only the Fireball gauntlet then return and target the 3 braziers in this room with fire to open the nearby door. If you have the Fireball gauntlet already, there is obviously no need to head to the Sanctuary.

Then light the brazier to the left to find a chest and then one to your right to find a dig spot. Then lite the middle brazier to open another room which contains a Red Auroran Flower and enemies that attack you. Find the gnome across the room and then go to the room on your right. This room will have a silver key and colored platforms. Stand in the middle of the room and look at the 2 groups of colored flames on the altars flanking another large door. You will need to step on each of the colored platforms in the order that matches the colored flames from left to right. If you step on the wrong color you will need to start over.

The order to step on is: Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Red, Blue, Red, Blue and Red. Finally head through the newly opened door and you will find the gold key.