Fable 3 Rare Books Locations Guide (Xbox 360)

Rare Book #26: Sunset House

Name: The Extraordinary Homunculus of Baron Von Orfen
Location: This book will be sitting on a park bench behind the cupola with statues in the middle.

Rare Book #27: Sandfall Palace

Name: Dangerous Things: Ladders
Location: First cross the bridge over the first section of water you come across. Then head to the far side of the room and go down the stairs to the right. It will be on the railing near trees.

The Sandfall Palace is a sub-area of Shifting Sands.

Rare Book #28 (Quest Only): Shifting Sands

Name: Reaver on Reaver
Location: You will first need to return 20 or more books to get this quest from Samuel to get this book. Then once you have this Quest, travel to the Shifting Sands to grab this book.

Then once at the Shifting Sands, depending on where you enter from, head down the steps to the desert outside the walls of Aurora. Go north and through the canyon leading you to a large stone arch and keep going under and past the large stone arch. Head towards the right area and your dog will help spot an area in the sand where you will be able to dig up the book.

There will also be a shovel, a bunch of books lying around and a crate in the area.

Rare Book #29: Silverpines

Name: The Very Unsafe Book for Boys, Vol. 3: Boxing
Location: Head down the path to the settlement in the center of the forest. Then walk around the first cabin called the Finkelhouse Farm to the left as you enter the settlement to find the book on the crates to the right of the house.

Rare Book #30 (Quest Only): Reliquary

Name: The Book of Doom
Location: This will be the final book in the “Pen is Mightier Than The…” Quest. You will need to find and return all 29 books before Samuel gives you the key to this final part of the Reliquary that has this book. Once you accept the quest, enter the first locked door on the right as you head down the steps inside of the Reliquary.

You will face hollow men as you pass through these hallways in the new area. Once you reach the next large open area, there will be a large set of stairs to go up. When you reach the top there you will see the book on a pedestal to the right overlooking the area.

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