Fable 3 Rare Books Locations Guide (Xbox 360)

Rare Book #21 (Quest Only): Mourningwood

Name: The Pangs of Sunset
Location: You will first need to return 15 books to Samuel and then he will give you the quest to find this book. The book will be located in a grave when you go to Mourningwood. It is part of a huge graveyard just past the fort in Mourningwood while taking the right path up the hill.

Rare Book #22: Ossuary

Name: Famous Kings of History: Old King Oswald
Location: You will find this book on top of the stone railing on the balcony that is to the right of the golden door and before the bridge to the opposite side.

You will need to have completed the “Bored To Death” quest which unlocks the “Gone But Not Forgotten” quest in order to be able to access the Ossuary in Mourningwood.

Rare Book #23: Reaver’s Manor

Name: Dangerous Things: Lightning
Location: Reaver’s Manor is located in Millfields. The book will be on a table in the left room as you enter the manor. The table is to the left of the room and statue right in front of the windows.

Rare Book #24: Reliquary

Name: How to be a Master Swordsman
Location: This book will be down the steps to the right on a stand as soon as you enter the Reliquary inside of the Brightwall Academy located in Brightwall Village.

Rare Book #25: Reliquary

Name: Famous Killers: Carl Tendency
Location: You will first need to complete the “An Ancient Key” Quest to reach a locked library inside of the Reliquary. The book will then be on a stand in the corner of the room.

You will need to complete the Special Delivery Quest in order to unlock “An Ancient Key” Quest.