Fable 3 Rare Books Locations Guide (Xbox 360)

Rare Book #11: Brightwall Village

Name: The Very Unsafe Book for Boys, Vol. 2: Ovens
Location: This book will be on the 2nd floor on the railing of a house called Two-Knock. It is right in front of the Brightwall Academy and fountain to the left.

Rare Book #12: Cesspools

Name: Dangerous Things: Gunpowder
Location: This book will be sitting on top of a table inside of the Cesspools. The Cesspools are in the basement of a home across the street from the Orphanage in Bowerstone Industrial.

Rare Book #13: Chillbreath Caverns

Name: Famous Killers: Xavier Smedley
Location: Find the Chillbreath Cavern from the entrance nearest the monorail station and go down the path to where you begin to see the overhead wooden supports. Find the frozen creek between the rocks on the right and follow the ice around to a stack of crates near a bedroll. It will be on a crate here.

Rare Book #14 (Quest Only): Chillbreath Caverns

Name: Book of Mysteries
Location: You will need to return 5 books to the Academy and accept Samuel’s quest to find this book. Then enter the Chillbreath Caverns through the entrance at Mistpeak Valley by the monorail station. As you fight your way through the cave, and go across the ice and head up the left path. As you head up the left path hill, when you reach the end of the cave there will be a camp with enemies to defeat. It will be on a table after the path across the bridge.

Rare Book #15: Dankwater Cavern

Name: Liver of Darkness

Requirements: You must complete the Hobnobbing with Hobbes Quest in order to get this book.

Location: This book will be on a table below the cliff where you first enter the cavern. Head around the cavern and then swim to this area and grab the book.

The Dankwater Cavern is located in Millfields.