Fable 3 Rare Books Locations Guide (Xbox 360)

Rare Book #6: Bowerstone Market

Name: The Grasping Avarice of Kings and their Lackeys
Location: When you cross the bridge and go past the city wall on your way to Millfields, purchase the 3rd how on the right. This is the Dollhouse, enter the 2nd floor from the outside and you will find it on the bed in the corner.

Rare Book #7: Bowerstone Old Quarter

Name: Dangerous Things: Industrial Machinery
Location: You will find this book at the base of the statue in the park where the road curves up the hill from the market under the bridge.

Rare Book #8: (Quest Only): Bowerstone Old Quarter

Name: The Invocation of the Watcher
Location: You will first need to return 10 books to the Academy and then accept Samuel’s quest to find this book. Once you have the quest, he gives you a key to a someone’s trapdoor of their house in Bowerstone Old Quarter.

Once you have arrived at his house, go to the far right corner of the dead guy’s basement shoot the flit switch in the far right corner with your gun. Then follow the flit switch to the far left corner and shoot it again with your gun. Defeat the 3 hobbe statues that come to life and magic attack the flit switch and continue to follow it 2 more times by hitting it with a melee attack then lastly one final time with a magic attack. This will reveal a hidden spot behind the bookshelves that contains the book.

Rare Book #9: Brightwall Village

Name: Famous Kings of History: Markus Ivy
Location: You will find this book on the bedside table on the 2nd floor of the Ye Quill & Quandry pub in Brightwall Village.

Rare Book #10: Brightwall Village

Name: Attack of the Killer Puffins
Location: Find the furniture shop on the hill near the large frog statues then go around the left side of the building to the back corner. It will be on the windowsill at the back of the house.