Back to the Future developer diary’s show off TellTales upcoming retro adventure

Back to the Future: The Game Young Doc artwork
Back to the Future: The Game is one of the most exciting upcoming adventure games from veteran Adventure developer TellTale via a deal with Universal Studios. Jurassic Park: The Game will follow.

You can get a better look at what TellTale intends to do and how they will live up to sky high expectations of a game based on such a beloved trilogy of classic Steven Spielberg films in these developer diary documentary’s.

Thankfully both Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd have lent their likenesses to their characters of Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown in the videogame with Lloyd also offering his voice for his character. New talent AJ LoCascio will be the voice of Marty McFly in place of Michael J. Fox. Don’t worry, as you can see in the videos below, his voice is SPOT ON!

TellTale even nabbed Back to the Future film trilogy writer and co-producer Bob Gale to oversee the project as an advisor.

The five-part episodic series will launch this December for PC and Mac, with future releases set for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and PlayStation Network. You can now pre-order to get some additional content such as a free “Pilot” puzzle. Additionally a dollar of each pre-order made will be donated to Michael J. Fox’s foundation for Parkinson’s disease research.

Back to the Future Behind the Scenes Part 1 – The Adventure Continues!

Back to the Future Behind the Scenes Part 2 – Characters, Voice Acting and Casting

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